How to increase the potency at home

The problem of reducing the power is particularly acute. When the erection becomes flaccid, the man began to feel uncertain, complex. What to do in such a ticklish situation? Make your own tablet — not the best option. Go to the doctor don't always have the time. In this article you can read about how to quickly raise your power at home without risk to health.

Causes of reduced potency in men

What is the potency of men

At first, let's understand what is the potency of men, and what his voters. Literally, it is defined as the ability to any action. In our case, is a manifestation of men's power, sense, and male viability. It defines the ability of men to have a fulfilling intimate life, and fulfill reproductive functions. Includes the following components:

  1. Erectile function is the ability to have sexual intercourse a stable erection.
  2. Libido – libido.
  3. The functionality of germ cells – the speed of movement of sperm, their quality and durability.
  4. The ability of orgasm and ejaculation.

The leading role in the maintenance of male power include testosterone - the male hormone. The higher the level of hormone in the blood, the higher the power.

The greatest concentration of testosterone in the blood is observed at the age of 27-30 years. This is the heyday of the sexual abilities of men. After 30 years produces less testosterone, but this is not the ultimate reason for the decline in man power, there are others who consider them further.

Causes of reduced potency in men

Figure of male power depends on the following factors:

  1. Age. The older a man is, the more health problems. Usually the first signs of low male observed after 40-45 years.
  2. A way of life. Unbalanced nutrition, excessive exercise, overwork, lack of sleep, bad habits can significantly reduce the libido and virility.
  3. Disease. A variety of infections, reduced immunity, chronic diseases affect sexual performance young man, so it is necessary to get the care and preventive medical examinations. The most dangerous diseases for man power are:
    • urinary and genital diseases: urethritis, prostatitis;
    • violation of blood circulation (vasoconstriction violation of the flow to the genitals);
    • neurological conditions (impaired conduction of impulses to the brain and the genitals);
    • hormonal disorders;
    • mental disorders (neuroses, phobias);
    • injuries and congenital malformations of the genital development.
  4. Overweight. The formation of the lipid layers leads to the replacement of testosterone to estrogen, which leads to a decrease in sexual activity.
  5. Psychological factors. This group of factors, in some cases, they are leading causes of lower male power:
    • stress, depression;
    • nervous tension;
    • fears related to their sexual inadequacy;
    • attitude toward women.

In other cases, sexual activity can affect excessive other activities – work, career. Libido thus loses its meaning and disappears.

All these reasons for lower male power depend on age. If young men, impotence associated with psychological factors (fear, suppression of the erotic fantasies and desires, criticism of the partner), men aged 40 years and older play a large role in the psychosomatic factors of disease, and feelings about diseases and sexual failure.

How to increase the potency at home

To improve the quality of sexual life is possible with the help of various medicines. As a rule, the largest part of the funds refers to sexual stimulant, which accelerates blood circulation and blood flow to the genitals. With their help you can improve your erectile function and prolong sexual intercourse, but they do not add power. In addition, they have a lot of contraindications.

Go to the doctor dare not everyone, if only in the case when I "pinched", so you can find ways to increase the power with the help of phyto-therapeutic agents. Consider the most famous and effective methods.

Folk remedies for potency men's fast action

Folk remedies for potency

Not all methods of plant care is as useful and safe. Replicated online folk remedies for potency is not only useless, but are a health hazard. In addition, you should always remember: medicinal plants have high allergies, it is always possible immune response. Which means, to improve the potency effective and risk-free?

  • The bow — man's best friend. For cooking, it is recommended to take 3 bulbs of medium size. Raw grind until mushy state. You can do this, skip the onions through a meat grinder, or rubbed it on a grater. Boil half a liter of water. Let the liquid cool. Now you need to fill the raw material mixture and leave for 3 hours. Single — dose - half a Cup. During the day remedy, taken three times before meals.
  • Walnuts. Truly legendary for the treatment of impotence. Help to increase the concentration of testosterone in the blood to prevent the inflammatory processes in the pelvic area (prostate often also lead to permanent erectile dysfunction). Make nuts as possible, just clearing the shell and cooked in jam or broth. To prepare the broth take half a pound of nuts without the shell, pour 2 liters of cold water. Boil for 10 minutes. Then, herbal preparation, drain, let cool. Take 3 teaspoons a day on an empty stomach.
  • Raisins and milk. 200 grams raisins (preferably black), pour half a liter of milk. Boil the resulting tool. Then during the day 2-3 times to eat the raisins and drink the milk.
  • Carrot and celery. Grind one medium size carrot and 2 celery sticks until mushy state. The resulting mixture eat in 3 divided doses. Means, anti-inflammatory and tonic.
  • Ginger. 100 or 200 grams. ground and brewed Cup of boiling water, drink tea 3-5 times a day. One dose of crushed root can be brewed 2-3 times, then make a new one.
  • Thyme is a stimulant, the production of sex cells and release of male hormones. Preparation you need to take 1 tbsp. l. crushed dried plants and brew a Cup of boiling water. Treatment: ingest half a Cup after meals, 2 times a day. Cast time – 3 to 6 months.
  • Catuaba – a natural "viagra". Take 100 gr. plants pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 3-4 hours and drink directly before intercourse or for the night.
  • Lemon grass prevent an erection. 4 tablespoon of dried seeds pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist for 3 hours. Drink half a Cup 3 times a day for 10-14 days.
  • A real storehouse of nutrients is nettle. Nettle has a dual action: relieves inflammation and raise the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Another recipe: take 200 grams of plant roots. Grind it into a powder. Pour 300 ml of boiled water (hot). Leave for 2 hours. Then the drug strain. Take 2 tablespoons, 2 times a day.
  • For results to become noticeable use of home remedies will require patience and time (a few weeks). But if you want to get an erection quickly and permanently right now? What to do in this case? You can do this, the researchers made a revolution in urology. They have developed ed medication without prescription, which is based on natural ingredients that works to solve men's problems after the first dose, even after 60 years of hard is guaranteed. The Instant erection obtained. The decision must be made today, tomorrow is too late. Impotence is progressing very quickly.

Other herbs should be avoided until consulting a doctor. The risk of more problems: without an objective study is impossible to say what was the cause of reduced potency. It is important to keep in mind: recipes are only effective physiological impotence (when the cause lies in the loss of the prostate or hormonal imbalance).

Exercises for power

Exercises power at home for men

The prevention and treatment of physiological impotence suitable set of exercises Kegel. Strictly speaking, this is not complicated. Speak we perform a similar exercise, where the different frequency and intensity. How do such exercises:

  • Stand up straight. Relax the whole body. Struggling to stretch the muscles surrounding the prostate. You can do this first step is not easy. To understand what the feeling should be and where it is defined as the anatomical structure, it is recommended to start to interrupt the process of urination (2-3 times). Stay stress state for 3 seconds.
  • Now need to re-relax. The rest of the duration is 2-3 seconds.
  • Exercises to increase potency to perform 10 times. During the day you must do 3 sets.
  • As soon as you understand the techniques and get used to the load, it is necessary to strengthen the intensity of training, increasing the number of set 5.
  • Complex Kegel exercises every day for 2 weeks.

Therapeutic effect is noticeable in 3-5 days.

Products potency in men fast action

Man power, the ability to perform full sexual intercourse is generally considered a sign of consistency as the representative of the stronger sex. While the outside disturbances of libido and potency, are drugs such as Viagra and other. However, there is no sense to take drugs when you can do much more gentle and effective methods. This unpleasant situation will help of products potency in men fast action. Repair diet you can achieve a stable result.

Products to increase potency in men

Mainly herbal products, can increase the potency of men now are not expensive and anyone can afford. We can consider the most effective and easiest:

  1. The onion and garlic. Contain beneficial sulfur compounds that can normalize blood circulation, improve the safety of the penis with blood. Both onion and garlic stimulate the production of the male hormone, testosterone, improves libido.
  2. Avocado. A positive impact on erection quality, preventing oxidative processes. The systematic use allows to improve the male potency.
  3. Walnuts. The effect is not instantaneous. Lasts a few days.
  4. The oysters and mussels. The best seafood, the improve erection and virility. Are powerful aphrodisiacs.
  5. Grenades. Normalizes microcirculation in the pelvic area. Is used to strengthen blood vessels and enhance the power, better to use the system with other products.
  6. Chocolate, natural, dark. Medium fast action. You can achieve the instant effect of promoting the production of endorphins and serotonin. Also has properties which improve blood circulation in the pelvic. And thanks to the presence of antioxidants, can quickly achieve high quality increase potency, prolong sexual intercourse.
  7. Bees products. Gold, ambrosia. Promote the synthesis of testosterone. Natural food products based on them increase blood flow, filling the penis with blood, vitality and stability of erection.
  8. The quail eggs. Contains essential amino acids involved in the recovery processes of the reproductive system. The agreement to raise sex drive and potency.
  9. Citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges. Normalize blood circulation, increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  10. The pumpkin seeds.
Pomegranate juice

Drinks, that increase virility

These are:

  • Pomegranate juice, citrus fruit juice.
  • Whipped raw eggs (eggnog without the sugar). Allows to increase the strength of erection and duration of sexual intercourse.
  • The grape juice.
  • Low-fat yogurt and milk.
  • Mare.
  • Berry concoctions.

The list may not be comprehensive. Products that affect the potency of men, and drinks based on them, has a number of features, which rests on efficiency:

  • The ability to improve blood circulation in the pelvis, to dilate the blood vessels.
  • The ability to prevent oxidation, and thus prolong the erection.
  • Saturation of the body with substances that stimulate the natural sexual desire. Increase libido such compounds include serotonin, dopamine, endorphins.
  • The ability to restore the reproductive system and update it on a cellular level.

Foods that improve potency, need to take regularly. They should become an essential part of the diet. But without frills.

What is harmful to eat and drink power

Harmful products:

  • Too much sugar and salt.
  • Smoked.
  • Alcohol. In particular, beer.
  • Fast food.
  • Semi-finished products, canned food.
  • Spicy food.
  • Fried food.
  • Soy.
  • Coffee.

Foods high in cholesterol: buy sauces, fatty meats mostly. Others consume limited. Eggs, butter and liver are not in the bill. They are harmless. These products are totally opposite features. Affect the hormone balance and the quality of blood flow to the pelvic. Diet to improve male strength, you can choose your own, based on the recommendations. Power correction give much better results than the drug.

Other recommendations

Physiological impotence eliminated quickly. It is important to follow a few guidelines:

  • Adhere to a strict diet. More plant foods, less meat and animal products.
  • No Smoking. It causes atherosclerosis of the pelvic vessels, disrupting blood flow to the genitals and prostate.
  • At home it is recommended to perform light exercises. Exercise helps to normalize hormonal balance. Be anxious not: excessive physical activity leads to the opposite effect.

Increase the power without visiting the plants is possible. The most important thing is to stick to a systematic approach: lifestyle changes, use of herbal remedies, by performing Kegel exercises. It is the "therapeutic triad", which help to quickly deal with the problem.