Potency-boosting products in men

vitamins in foods to increase potency

Potency-enhancing products in men should be included in the diet every day to prevent sexual impotence. Constant stress at work, polluted environment, bad habits have a negative impact on men's strength. It is important to eat properly to avoid potential problems.

Nutrition greatly affects the functioning of all organs, including the reproductive system. Healthy food will help prevent erectile dysfunction, restore sexual arousal and strengthen the whole body.

Potential-enhancing products

It will protect men's health by consuming vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients.

A balanced diet is the key to sexual activity. Therefore, men need to know which foods increase their potential and use them in their diet.

Experts distinguish two categories: plant and animal products.

Products that increase the potential of the main plant:

  • Peanuts have a positive effect on potency and can be replaced with ordinary nuts.
  • Vegetables and fruits improve sexual activity and have a beneficial effect on the whole body. The diet should include onions, garlic, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage. It is necessary to use citrus fruits, pomegranates, currants, figs, which are rich in vitamin C.
  • Greenery has a positive effect on increasing sexual activity. Be sure to take parsley, dill, celery, lettuce, spinach.
  • Cumin, mint, black pepper, cloves increase the strength of spices.
  • Sunflower oil is found in pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

To increase sexual activity rapidly, you should eat foods of animal origin daily:

  • Quail or chicken eggs contain a lot of protein and useful vitamins necessary for the male body.
  • Meat, which loves strong sex, greatly increases the strength of men. But it is better to eat it cooked or steamed, not fried. Experts say that the meat can be replaced with fish, boiled cotton, mackerel.
  • Beef increases liver, hemoglobin, improves blood circulation.

Don't forget about fermented dairy products. The most useful are: kefir, fermented boiled milk, cottage cheese. Sour cream promotes sexual activity, increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Seafood deserves special attention. This exotic food improves sperm quality and increases sperm motility.

Crayfish, shrimp, mussels contain a lot of zinc and phosphorus, which have a positive effect on libido in men. The famous Casanova's lover loved oysters and called this dish an erotic medicine. If oysters cannot be eaten, they can be replaced with squid, red fish or other seafood.

All of these libido-boosting foods need to be included in the diet, and many men have already tested their beneficial effects on all organs.

Potential drinks

Juices, teas, fruit drinks, in addition to increasing water levels in the body, have an increasing effect on libido, male potency. It is better to prefer freshly squeezed juices, which contain many vitamins and are recommended by all experts to restore the general condition. Often, juices squeezed before use are equal to the effect of drugs, have no side effects and are only useful for the body.

List of strength drinks:

  • Zinc-rich pumpkin juice has a positive effect on the sexual sphere to cope with male impotence.
  • Watermelon, doctors often recommend for men to treat impotence. Berry juice improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which helps to get an erection for a long time.
  • Kumis normalizes metabolism, restores the cardiovascular system. Mare's milk contains hormones that increase immunity. The drink, which is useful to increase sexual activity, restores reproductive ability. You should consume a glass of kumis half an hour after a meal.
  • Ginger tea contains vitamins A, B, C, microelements that strengthen the heart system, blood vessels, removes toxins.
  • Ginger tea increases male potency, but should be consumed after consulting a doctor. Not recommended for patients with gastric ulcer, gastritis, liver and heart disease. It is important to take into account individual intolerance to active substances, allergic reactions.

Instead of baking for sweets, you can eat some chocolate. This product awakens and cheers up the desire for intimacy. The magnesium content promotes a lasting erection.

Honey is very useful for increasing male strength. If you mix peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts with honey, you get an effective tool to quickly increase the desire for intimacy.

If you regularly consume healthy vitamins and minerals in food, changes are observed in the male body:

  • increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs, stabilizes vascular function;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • improves the functionality of the endocrine system;
  • helps increase testosterone in the blood;
  • stimulates sexual desire, increases libido.

Healthy, balanced food has a positive effect on overall well-being. To get a quick result, you still need to lead an active lifestyle and exercise.

List of Prohibited Foods

Men need to know what is forbidden in their diet. There are harmful foods that cause depletion of sexual activity. Eat, not recommended: smoked, fatty foods, pastries, yeast bread.

It is important not to overdrink:

  • alcohol, beer - has a negative effect on the testicles, reduces testosterone levels;
  • strong carbonated drinks;
  • skim milk, excessive use leads to sexual impotence;
  • Unhealthy foods, mayonnaise, chips, pizza - these foods reduce testosterone production by preventing sexual activity.

To stay healthy, to avoid bed failures, you need to eat right, lead an active life, avoid stress and stress.