How to restore potency in men: effective ways to restore

Sexual potency, unfortunately, is not an inalienable gift of nature. Young men often make dismissive attitude of the body. The possibility of sexual intercourse is primarily in the careful and rational treatment of physical fitness. The same saying "the sleigh, it is necessary to prepare in the summer" will become a foregone conclusion in maintaining a stable and functional erection, until old age. How to restore power? Take a closer look.

How to restore the power

The stressful impact of failure, of not achieving goals, family problems cause the body significant damage. Functioning erection-this must be remembered – it acts as a sensor of balance between all processes in the body. Therefore, any disturbance in the complex mechanism of the male body can affect the efficacy.

Stress same men will be perceived as far-fetched women's whim, to grieve or not to wash the dishes. In fact, this is an important signal of the need to take urgent measures to: from rest and relaxation change of environment at first medical treatment far.

Dispel the myth of the opinions of stress, it is enough to learn his influence sympathia-adrenal system. When the negative wave of emotions in the blood are epinephrine and norepinephrine, but without stabilizing the hormone dopamine, which, among other things a man is obliged to feel pleasure.

What causes affect the decrease of sexual function

Stress is not a disease, and one of the reactions to immediate experience. So, skydiving or sexual games that also involve symptoms, only without the happy hormone, the body of a man can only get the effects of the adrenaline group, and this is the outflow of blood from the edge located in the region of the heart and brain, spasm of the blood vessels.

Suffice it to recall, how dependent on a full erection good filling of the penis with blood to see the relationship between the slow power and negative emotions. By the way, for the same reason, alcohol and tobacco lead to drowsiness the penis. Violation of blood circulation will cause physical illness to men sexually.

Diseases that affect the potency of men

Often the reason for loss of sexual power in men, can be a variety of diseases and pathological processes that are not necessarily related to the reproductive system, but because the body is one mechanism, is its indirect effect:

  • not treated with sexually transmitted diseases;
  • cardio-vascular disease;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • disturbances of hormonal background;
  • venous diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • neurological pathology.

Every disease in this list, and especially several at once, can be a cause of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Bad habits, is the treatment rest, the psychological and physical severe stress, conflict and lack of understanding to partner with the complete list of impotence precipitating factors.

The psychological side of the problem

It is impossible to deal with stress only in the short-term deterioration is a physiological level. The accumulation of its derivatives eventually leads to emotional depletion of men, which has consequences in the form of diminished libido, dysfunction of ejaculation and even complete loss of erection.

Subtlety in the treatment of psychological problems in the recovery of potency consists in the fact that people are very sensitive to experience deterioration of his libido. In the early stages, when the symptoms of sexual dysfunction are not clear, many people want to hide the problem, to find excuses and worrying fear of being alone.

The important role of women

Important assistance at this stage may be close to women, if time does not notice the anxiety in the partner. Participation in tendering, support not to aggravate the condition, and subtly changing your diet in favor of healthy eating, or the production of prescription drugs to enhance blood circulation, can return to the rut of poor health of a loved one. It is not necessary to give signs of pity in any form, it is possible to drive the male ego so dark corners of the sheer frustration that can cure him can only a doctor in areas of psychology, and with the help of powerful drugs – stimulants erection.

Of course, how to restore potency should know, and the man himself. Not always a relationship as a couple as perfect as we would like, and instead, support comes from the division and misunderstanding. This question is the competence of the doctors, sexologists, professional goal, which is to create love bonds. Man can improve their performance by observing the following simple rules:

  • Come and honor the day.
  • Normalize the way of life.
  • Psychological problems
  • Always find time to relax.
  • Pay great attention to a peaceful, deep sleep.
  • Find a way to remove the nervous system from stressful experiences.

Recovery of potency in men

This is a very important process that requires a lot of patience and most men and his family. Without consultation and the doctor-the urologist expect a positive result, milestones naivety. Only the correct diagnosis and treatment plan leads to the restoration of the lost opportunities.

Home methods can't be ignored, but they are therapeutic in addition to the line. Decoctions, infusions, exercise, check, and lifestyle changes play a big role and can dramatically accelerate the healing process, when they say that salvation is in the hands that are sinking.

A special place occupies the psychological situation at home. Partners need to be patient, calm and friendly man. Erection problems should be considered a temporary problem. This time, you can focus on communication, spirituality, romance.

Alternative medicine: to use or not?

By analyzing alternative methods of treatment problems with potency should be, guided by considerations of common sense. Questionable mixture based on turpentine or gasoline, fat, wild and stray animals, acupuncture, performed by an Amateur of books does not bring any benefit, but more problems can.

Another thing – the grass. Medicine recognizes that the care and accepts it. Herbal teas and infusions, mixtures, rich in amino acids, vitamins, essential oils and other valuable health components. The real and the measured consumption helps to overcome the disease. Plants are the contra-indications, as well as tablets. You need to study them and compare the state of his health.

How to restore the potency of folk remedies

In addition to herbal treatments, traditional medicine recommends, don't forget about the gifts of the animal world, bees products:

  • propolis;
  • honey and pollen;
  • propolis;
  • beaver stream;
  • tincture of deer antlers.

All of these products rich in biologically active substances and can accelerate the treatment of impotence and restore erections. We should not ignore the bath, if there are no contraindications to its visit.

Aloe to the rescue!


Humanity is accustomed to the medication and reluctantly goes experimenting with "folk medicine", forgetting that the most part of new-fangled drugs, and established drugs taken from plants. But aloe is a wonderful plant, fairy tales and popular way to improve the circulatory system, as well as affect the recovery of power. If it is not a clinical case, if you want to deal with the consequences of disorders of the cardiovascular system, you should use the recipes aloe. In addition, they are definitely easy to prepare.

Recipe No. 1:

Decentralized, because of the ease, has a General tonic effect. Need homegrown aloe, honey.

  1. 100 g of aloe fresh-cut – a clear outer layer.
  2. 100 g of Honey mixed thoroughly with the gel inside of the flower.
  3. Store in the refrigerator.
  4. Make every day a tablespoon in the morning before eating. Rate prevention is one month.
  5. Before repeating to make a break for two weeks.

Recipe No. 2:

Directly strengthens the walls of blood vessels and their capacity.

  1. To grind 30 grams of aloe.
  2. Add 150 grams of sugar.
  3. Pour part of half a teaspoon of grated st. john's wort.
  4. Pour 0.5 liters of carrot juice.
  5. Add a teaspoon of chopped thyme.
  6. Pour 0.5 liters of vodka (or 250 grams medical pure alcohol) and maintain the composition within three days.
  7. Strain and pour into a glass bowl. Store in the refrigerator. Take up to 50 grams twice a day 30 minutes before a meal.

Recipe No. 3:

Effective tonic to support the circulatory system.

  1. 100 grams of aloe bark.
  2. Grate the ginger. Mix aloe Vera-2 tbsp.
  3. Pour 100 grams of fresh lemon juice.
  4. Add two tablespoons of honey.
  5. Fill the mixture in 100 ml of dry red wine.
  6. All thoroughly and let stand in the refrigerator for seven days.
  7. Take a tablespoon half an hour before meals for one month.

A healthy lifestyle

Today it is prestigious to run in the mornings, eat clean and steamed foods, practice yoga, do barbell. But it's also really going to benefit our body, so why not take advantage of the situation and be a trend?


Sports and Hobbies – as a way to combat stress

Sports is not a whim for the benefit of fashion, and effective way to deal with impotence. Intense stimulation of the circulatory system, strengthens blood vessels and the heart, and the final stage of the exercise is included with this release of hormones of joy, which is comparable to the euphoria of intoxication. A variety of sports is so great that everyone can choose for themselves a suitable allowable stress.

Swimming-in this case, the best option to support overall body tone, but not the only one. Gymnastics, and even yoga, which for some reason is not satisfied with the male half, is able to normalize the condition of the body, and remove the effects of stressful anxiety. Improved blood circulation in the cerebral cortex of the brain washes away the remnants of the collapse of the hormones that prevent mental and increases the happiness hormones, dyes the reality of the environment in interesting, bright colors.

Moreover, the sport will adjust the day. Sleep will be more productive, and time spent in training, you can switch the attention to, give rest to thought processes.

As a useful hobby?

One should not ignore the passion for any hobby. Whether it's fishing, or build models. A hobby is a niche, where people can feel satisfaction from their achievements, even if things aren't going well in other areas. Shifting attention is very important to recover from mental fatigue and gives new, fresh solutions.

What foods help to restore power

It is clear that this list does not include burgers, smoked sausage, fried pies and fatty meats, pickles, cakes and sweets. Anything that contains too much fat, especially hidden, such as sausages, pastry creams, salt, spices, flavorings should be left on the table as soon as possible.

The diet should definitely attend:

  • Cereals, pasta from durum flour.
  • Bread;
  • Beef, lean pork, lamb, poultry;
  • The fish of the sea and river seafood;
  • Cheese, sour cream, yogurt and other dairy products without sugar and industrial fillers;
  • Eggs (chicken, quail);
  • Seasonal vegetables, berries, fruits;
  • Nuts, honey, sunflower seeds;
  • Vegetables, herbs, and roots;

Good nutrition helps to restore power, as well as enable you to get rid of excess weight, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, fatigue, fill the body necessary for normal functioning of substances.

Tea improves the efficacy

This season it is recommended to give up coffee and black tea, replacing them with green tea, red or herbal. Very useful instead of welding pour into the pot:

  • theotokion herba,
  • Daisy,
  • lime,
  • mint,
  • Melissa
  • nettles
  • yarrow,
  • St. john's wort,
  • the leaves of currant and raspberry, berry, cherry,
  • mother-and-stepmother.

Such a combination reduces inflammation, nervous exhaustion, improves sleep, blood circulation, metabolism.

Exercises for power

A little trick that can restore, strengthen and maintain power regardless of the main choice of sport or hobby, good for daily training of the pubic-coccygeal muscles, which affect positively:

  • To improve blood flow to the penis.
  • Duration and control the sexual act.
  • To reduce the risk of the disease of prostatitis.
  • Melissa
  • Reduce the likelihood of developing hemorrhoids.
  • Improve the blood circulation in the pelvic.
  • Improve libido.

In addition, male organ is more perpendicular to the body, that is sure to please the female audience. This exercise is quite simple, and the result depends on daily exercise, so it is for your own good, it does not "work".


Restore power at certain stages it is possible, without resorting to expensive procedures and medicines. If you don't pay attention to their health and to identify faults in the power, then the home methods to bring good results and restore the confidence and joy of good sex. Often power is in the hands of men and you should not assume that the cherish sexual strength too early or too late.