How Smoking affects the potency of men: recovery after the failure of

Today, according to official data, in our country smoke 65% of the male population, 90% of which wanted to get rid of this terrible addiction, but can not win the fight against nicotine. On average, each male daily smoking 18 cigarettes, which is almost the whole package! Many of them asked are not simple questions to the doctor, for example: "is Smoking power?". Definitely, Yes.

Smoking and power

Power is not a separate function of the body, one way or another he is connected to many systems of the human body: nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal. Therefore, the healthier the body is, the better they work and the more stable will be the desire and ability to execute sexual acts.

Even the most expensive, lightweight and high-quality varieties of tobacco is a poisonous cocktail a man. Each cigarette contains more than 4,000 toxic components and the smoke, because exposure to high temperatures, they are still a thousand more. Most deadly organisms are:

  • resin;
  • benzene;
  • formaldehyde;
  • polonium;
  • acetone;
  • leads;
  • styrene;
  • arsenic.

But, of course, for them, this list is not limited. Gone are the days when smokers were sincerely convinced that the tobacco inhaling cancer-smoke is not only detrimental, but also beneficial. Today, almost all research on the effects of nicotine and other tobacco derivatives to prove that they are harmful to health. Let us consider how Smoking affects the potency.

Testosterone and Smoking

Blood levels of this sex androgens depends largely on the man, and his ability to commit sexual acts. Tobacco smoke non-smokers can work stimulates testosterone production. The first one or two sprays affects the pituitary gland, and he gave orders to increase the production of hormones. However, after 1-2 cigarettes this effect is the opposite.

Regular Smoking in men, testosterone production slows down, compared to nonsmokers, like many other processes: change, the formation of white blood cells, red blood cells St. in men, testosterone, are responsible for the testes and adrenal cortex. Regular the flow of blood toxins in the inhaled smoke leads to the fact that these bodies lose their efficiency and can no longer fully perform the function of development of androgen.

Hormonal disorders

Smokers not only lose their testosterone. Endocrine glands, gonads and blood vessels of the brain is very sensitive to the level of oxygen in the body and its deficit, which will inevitably arise lovers of tobacco smoke, respiratory hungry. Reduce the nutrients available.


Every cigarette causes vasospasm, the answer to that is adrenaline. The high concentration of stress hormone inhibits the secretion of all the others. Organisms live in a constant state of readiness of the danger and decides that in such circumstances, the increase is not reasonable, most would survive. Libido drops.

Smoking the pancreas, insufficient amount of hormones from the pituitary gland can promote the sufficient production of insulin, and thus increases the risk of diabetes in men, which threatens not only the loss of an erection, but and legs. The nervous system suffers, this explains the irritability if there is no possibility to get another dose of nicotine.

Decline of reproductive functions

Speaking about whether the Smoking power, we should not forget about fertility. Smoking is especially dangerous for those men who are planning to conceive an heir. Not that it will affect the efficacy, which in itself is not conducive to pregnancy, so also it affects the quality of sperm. Scientific studies have shown that male smokers decreased the number of motile sperm of semen nearly 50%. As I heard and the possibility of conception.

Under the influence of nicotine and other cigarette components of semen decreases levels of Protamine is important that the fertilization of the egg protein. Disturbed genetic structure of the male reproductive unit. This can lead to the fact that the perception of children with various diseases.

Changes in the circulatory system

Smoking and power are not compatible, because of the influence of the blood stream. Nicotine and other parts, when the blood of men, causing spasms of the capillaries and large blood vessels, blood flow becomes more difficult, the heart gets additional load. Drive the blood through these narrow channels is much harder, it requires more surgeries. Yes, and he is poor in oxygen, so the heart muscle has to work even faster, so that the cells had not experienced too much of a shortage of breath.

Nicotine has the ability to join to receptors of nerve endings, which stimulates the release of adrenaline. Blood platelets under the influence of cancer clump together, forming clusters, which can then cause a stroke, and thrombophlebitis. Disturbed lipid volume, increase in cholesterol levels.

Smoking harms the walls of veins and blood vessels, they become rough, such as "protrusions" and you may have atherosclerosis, which are due to the fact that atherosclerotic plaques easily caught, such as protrusions and inside the ships are similar to the cave with uneven walls and rubble.

That circulatory men have suffered in this way, it is easy to determine:

  • Cool the fingers and feet in a warm room;
  • noise in ears and head;
  • pale, cyanotic skin;
  • slowly vanishing signs of pulling a rubber band socks;
  • slow growth of nails;
  • hair loss.

All of this suggests that the impaired blood circulation and lack of oxygen. If you don't pay attention to these manifestations, the future, Smoking leads to stroke, heart attack, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, and possibly amputation.

Complications in the sexual sphere

Smokers experience shortness of breath during sex, when active operations, not even a cough. Blocked tar lungs simply do not have time to deliver oxygen to the body. So men need to limit yourself to activities, or the erection may be lost. Nerve receptors are not as sensitive to stimuli, and damage to the fibers of the nervous system to slow the passage of impulses from the brain to the proper areas. Because of this, the excitement slowly acquire its physical embodiment.

The emotional state of the smoker

A cigarette smoker is a drug, if the blood of a certain period of time has not received a new dose of stimulants, he began to experience stress. In addition, the subconscious mind prevent dissatisfaction is dependent on the pernicious habit, and powerless to do anything.

Everyone who starts Smoking knows how bad it is and what impact it can expect in the future. More aware of smokers of experience, which is already different measures to feel for yourself all the joys of nicotine addiction. Aware of their weak is to prevent men, kill confidence in their own abilities, create outbursts of anger, irritability, bad moods, and especially sensitive issue could lead to depression.

Often, such workers are the fines for Smoking during working hours, or they Express their dissatisfaction, the members who do not participate in Smoking and believe that they are more productive and efficient. Condemning the views of non-smokers in the street, public places or bus stops add a sense of guilt and his own "depravity". Often, the Pet can be put on reprimand the smell of cigarettes, the amount of money in their acquisition.

Alternative Smoking

The habit of smoking is more psychological roots as physiological. Addiction to nicotine passes in a few days, but the old-fashioned way in a difficult situation, the hand she reaches for the cigarettes or the temptation to "shoot". Therefore, among the men who have decided to eliminate Smoking from your life, many believe that the transition to nicotine cigarettes alternative ways to have a successful exchange.

If nature thought that our body is useful to breathe the hot air, he certainly took care of it myself. Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and other substitutes to convince men that it is safe, but scientific studies say the opposite. All substitutes are harmful than regular cigarettes, but in a slightly different way.

Hookah, electronic cigarettes and system for heating tobacco, veip saturate the blood with substances, which should not be there:

  • glycerin;
  • chemical flavorings;
  • volatile organic substances;
  • formaldehyde;
  • nitrogen;
  • cancer-causing substances;
  • heavy metals;
  • nitric oxide;
  • cadmium, etc.

Throat and lungs are constantly exposed to high temperatures inhalation composition, pairs of moisture, which can cause cancer, to promote early tuberculosis. Background asthma and chronic bronchitis seem to be minor damage. In addition, not all Smoking blends and fillers must be duly checked and comply with the manufacturer's lineup, if it ever defined.

The recovery of power, when you stop Smoking

Every year, addiction to Smoking, the risk of getting diseases caused by them getting higher and higher, more time will be the man who rejects him, in order to return the body to its original state. There is a false belief, that when a specific service or age smoker should give up cigarettes, otherwise his health deteriorates.

Yes, at first, in fact, to quit Smoking, people often start to ache. Constantly attacked by carcinogenic substances, the body is forced to keep a high immune system, such as the termination of this protection is somewhat weaker and viruses attack. Just like many men happened, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, convulsion, high blood pressure, cough. But this is due to the fact that the body to cleanse itself, and seeks as soon as possible to get rid of accumulated chemicals and resins.

Months later, all the difficult moments remain in the past and just need to record improvements:

  1. Sleep becomes deeper and more productive;
  2. becomes easier to breathe;
  3. due to the normalization of oxygen in the blood and tissues, increases muscle power;
  4. disappear panic, nervousness;
  5. improves erection and decreased libido.
Recovery after Smoking

And, above all, internal self-esteem.

Many people are afraid to gain weight, but a direct connection to the "Smoking-obesity" no, only many men start to eat more. Initially, one may feel emptiness, inner tension, discomfort. The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude and understand that a smoker have nothing to lose. Previously, the potential of the disease, dissatisfaction, and situations where Smoking, unnecessary waste, and there is freedom.

Normalization of men's health concerns stop Smoking

After they will last the life of the man a cigarette, he quickly began to notice how it will change the quality of life and improve power. Literally in the second-third week of orgasm becomes more vivid, more endurance during intercourse.

If the matter is not hard to start, the recovery of erectile function to the level of a person who never smoked, will last about six months. It, how much the body needs to cleanse itself of accumulated toxic substances, and repair destroyed them in the system. It is desirable at this time to give him some help:

  • sports;
  • drink a course of vitamins;
  • give up alcohol;
  • quite and relaxation;
  • properly and eat a balanced;
  • drink cleansing blood to the lungs and popular drugs.

With this approach, the toxins leave the body faster, run a full hormonal, digestive system, normalizes blood circulation, improves muscle tone, the vessels become smooth and lowers cholesterol, come to calm the nervous system. The potentiality after refusal of Smoking will start to improve day by day.

There is no such age limit, or when too late to back out nicotine in your life. Undoubtedly, this process requires the beginning of a careful and conscious attitude to the situation, there must be a provoking gatherings with a beer or socializing with Smoking friends, but the result is worth the effort. Normal life can return very soon, as a reward for their courage, be strong erection, a man of power, has high self-esteem and the ability to breathe.