How to add power after 50 years

50 years is maturity is a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities. But, it is the beginning of the deterioration of an erection. Drugs to increase potency after 50 years appointed to man the signs of sexual weakness.

Power after 50

And yet, instead, improve the power, it is better to avoid its reduction. How to do it? Of course, it is necessary to address to the urologist. Doctors in these specialties for the treatment of the main complaint by eliminating its causes.

Is it always after 50 years of deteriorating power?

Power after 50 years has not always reduced. Mistakenly believed, that after the celebration of fifty years old age. If you look at the proposed classification by the world health organization, the difference between 45 and 59 years corresponds to the average age.

Therefore, it is clear that the potency in men 50 years and some parents have to deteriorate, it is impossible.

A list of the most common causes

Negative external and internal exposure, taking into account risk factors, provokes sexual dysfunction. Doctors do not rule out psychological problem.

Stable functioning of the reproductive system is responsible for hormone, testosterone, which level with age physiologically reduced.

If the doctor suggests that the problem of a malfunction of his failure, before treatment, to appoint a laboratory diagnosis to confirm or exclude the hypothesis.

But if the cause is alcohol?

In this issue the main condition is moderate. If we are talking about one glass of good dry red wine with the food, then the negative impact does not.

But excessive alcoholism is full of obesity is a female type – increase in the abdomen, the Breasts (gynecomastia) together with hormonal imbalance. As a result, power can be significantly violated.

Dare to fail

50 years after the return to emotional problems, fear of failure is a scary man. Emerging vicious circle, creating an impenetrable barrier, through which not everyone can exceed.

Help a psychologist or sex therapist, explains the irrationality of the fear. During the consultation you can ask questions, learn the correct mental attitude to raise the power after 50 years.

Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise


Fast food restaurants, processed foods and lack of exercise – the scourge of the modern, fast-growing companies.

Prepare your own home today, many refuse. If fast food on the table every day, that disorders in the body is not seen. But the abuse of the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol, which settles on the walls of the blood vessels.

Hypodynamia on the background of malnutrition slows down the metabolism, and degradation products is not removed from the body.

Men over 50 two risk factors cause a variety of violations — stroke, ending with impotence.

Diseases of the risk factors for impotence

Doctors specializing in sexual dysfunction, note decreased libido on the background of somatic diseases. The negative effects are the disease itself and the medications used in therapy.

Therefore, before you start treatment, the doctor will tell the patient the need for strict adherence to the dosage, duration and method of ingestion. Otherwise, the risk of impotence increases.

The list of diseases dangerous to men's power

First among the provocateurs — the pathology of the prostate – prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, malignant degeneration. If a man finds a disease — first, you need to cure it, and only then to deal with the increased power.

Other diseases that lead to sexual dysfunction are:


  • Elevated sugar levels is manifested in the deterioration of the microcirculation. Of course, diabetes is accompanied by a decrease in testosterone production directly affects the erection.

Weak peripheral innervation

  • Occurs when the spinal cord injury level on the lumbar spine compression of the nerve roots in disc herniation of the spine. After surgical removal of hernia symptoms of a malfunction is reduced quickly.

Sexual infections

  • Sexually transmitted diseases primarily affect the structure of the prostate, seminal vesicles, urethra. Recurrent prostate infection causes a deficit of synthetic testosterone.

Problems with the thyroid gland

  • Impotence occurs when a dysfunction of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. The first production of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), in response to which the thyroid gland, T4 is formed, and then the blood – T3. Thyroid or Oncology T4 becomes small with high TSH, which leads to an increase in the female hormone prolactin. As a result, the body of a man having feminine traits – the fat of the abdomen, gynecomastia, emotional lability. Libido thyroid drops sharply.

Changes related to external sex organs

  • For example, if Peyronie's disease progresses, the fibrous component is the protein shell of the penis. Dense plaque bend in the penis, and sexual intercourse is accompanied by severe pain syndrome.

50 years — a critical age for men. Grossly slow the disease. All of these factors primarily affect the power. Timely treatment is to reduce later complications.

Drugs that lead to impotence

Treatment of the underlying disease may lead to undesirable consequences in the form of lower potency. Therefore, it is necessary to know that drugs that have this ability, so you don't think about how to restore the disturbed potency.

Disease Drugs
Chronic prostatitis To reduce inflammation on the background of worsening in some cases, prescribe hormonal agents – corticosteroids (with the ineffectiveness of non-steroidal medications). Long reception of hormonal tablets a significant reduction in the production of sex hormones.
Hypertension (high blood pressure) Beta-blockers increased the synthesis of female hormones. After the abolition of the erection is easily restored.

ACE inhibitors impair the efficacy.

Diuretic (diuretic). A short reception is not complications, but the long-term (more than 5 months after admission) to reduce sexual activity.

Diseases of the urinary and digestive systems Narcotic analgesics. Long-term uncontrolled use causes hypogonadism (lack of testosterone).

Anti-ulcer. Require careful use. Established complications is not proven, but we cannot exclude an indirect effect through the central nervous system.

Gastro-protection. An extra dose of oregano, such as normalization of digestion can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Allergy One of the side effects of antihistamines — anti-androgenic effect
Psycho-emotional disorders Medications psychotropic effects (antidepressants, heavy sedative), because of the loss of sexual desire. Uncontrolled intake provokes a lack of orgasm.
To improve the power

Sports, as a means to improve power

To increase the potency of 50 years, to begin with, you need to figure out the factors leading to this condition. Depending on the kind of chronic diseases is determined by the tactics of treatment. Not only pills increase the potency, but and moderate exercise.

Regular exercises to restore the synthesis of testosterone in the body, increase the chances of men.

Long walks

  • Movement stimulates blood and oxygen, activates the metabolism. Long walks provide the necessary load average degree of intensity. This is an option for men, who rarely visited the gym.
  • It should be noted to strengthen the muscle walls of the arteries increases the speed of blood circulation. The pelvic organs receive the blood and nutrients needed to eliminate toxins.
  • Hiking is a good influence on psycho-emotional background, reduces depression and fear, to remove antidepressants and sedatives, which increases the power.

Nordic walking

A good level of physical fitness-Finnish walking sticks allow you to adjust the weight. During exercise involves almost all muscle groups, and the calories you burn 46% more than normal walking.

This option can be used of men, whose power is weakened by diabetes.

Other sports

If you want to, walking replaced swimming, yoga, skiing. In any case, the effect is positive – the muscles are saturated with oxygen, the heart works harder, normalize your weight, your mood will improve.

Weightlifting (powerlifting) is not recommended, unprepared. Only professionally involved with the guys without consequences, can handle large weights.

Nordic walking

Systematic exercise has a positive effect on libido, increasing, stable retention power in men, even after 50.

How to reduce the effects of stress?

Restoration of stress potency in men 50 years contains a complex, which consists of feeding, daily therapeutic exercises, taking vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin complexes

The pharmaceutical industry combined with vitamins, the perfect male body. They make up the lack of essential trace elements, normalizes the formation of androgens (vitamin E), improves libido (tocopherol), quality of semen (folic acid). The internal energy increases, power increases.

The uniqueness of the complexes is determined by the composition, which would be equivalent to the daily amount for each item. To accept them requires the interest rate is determined by the doctor.

Pharmacies offer a wide list of vitamins to increase potency in men, when 50. When you buy the focus is not on price, but rather the composition.

Vitamins are also drugs that has a number of features and unwanted effects. So, in-the task is dangerous, serious consequences.

Principles of good nutrition

The first and most important rule – the number of calories you should be fine. Only then the extra weight does not increase.

Products under the ban Allowed
  • meat and oily fish;
  • meals with high salt content — how to prevent the release of excess fluid from the body;
  • sugary drinks – they increase the thirst, and the swelling does not go.
On the basis of the diet is diet, weight, a little salty food:

  • chicken;
  • veal;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • cereals;
  • fruit drinks, fruit drinks, herbal teas.

Fry in oil is not desirable, it is better to boil or simmer.

Some products are considered cheap natural remedies enhance potency. These are:

  • seafood;
  • turnip;
  • lemon, orange;
  • quail eggs;
  • chocolate;
  • avocado;
  • date;
  • nuts;
  • celery.

Adding them to the diet to restore hormonal balance, increase the production of sex hormones.

A set of exercises


To increase the potency after 50 years at home exercise. Medical forums the most effective:

  1. Twist The Hoop. The effect of in the pelvic area stimulates the blood circulation.
  2. Stepping on the spot. The exercise is done correctly, if the knee can touch the chest. Firstly, it is difficult to do, but systematic training will solve this problem.
  3. Make a "grinder". Exercise strengthens the muscles of the back.
  4. Raise the hips. To work correctly, you need to lie on your back, a shoulder to cuddle up to the floor. Legs bent at the knees, heels as close as possible to push up to the buttocks. From this position, lift your hips.

The entire training duration is maximum 15 minutes. Therefore, perform the full range of daily needs.

What medicine will restore sexual life?

Medical repair of the use of the drug (tablets or creams) and supplements.

Traditional methods

Recipes of traditional medicine also has a positive effect on potency, improve and strengthen it. Most of them improve the protective properties, the General state of health:

The honey-walnut mixture. Grind nuts, mix with honey in equal proportions, to enjoy every day after Breakfast.

Magical green tea. In a pot pour the tea leaves, add the grated ginger, saffron and 1 carnation flower.

Ginger. It is effective for any variations. Can home made healthy drink. This finely chop the ginger, pour boiling water, infuse for. If desired, add honey.

Traditional recipes usually safe. But before folk methods to remove intolerance of components.


Urologists, sexologists believe that in reality, the best medicine to increase potency is regular sex. An active sex life, especially in 50 years, it improves blood circulation to the internal organs, nourishes the heart and brain with oxygen. Produced pleasure hormones positively affect overall mental and emotional background.

Special creams and gels will help to diversify the intimate life, to introduce novelty. You can buy them at adult stores or online.


To maintain a high power 50 years:

  • Compliance with the basics of good nutrition,
  • restoration and maintenance of physical activity
  • vitamins,
  • timely treatment of chronic diseases

you can be healthy, to enjoy life, to communicate with a woman and feel his manhood.