Products, rapidly increase the potency of men

Modern scientific research provides the opportunity to test the ancient knowledge of the relationship of strength and power.

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Products to increase potency in men

And not only respect and direct relationship, when the food the male body receives the substances that increase sexual activity and endurance. Doctors have already shown that most aphrodisiacs do not need to exceed your own meals.

Why the right to food for more power?

Regularly eat foods with the necessary vitamins and minerals, the man gets a lot of advantages:

  • to increase testosterone production;
  • stable operation of the vessels responsible for blood flow to the genitals;
  • supply of vitamins and minerals, without which no sexual power;
  • positive changes in the chemical processes in the brain, which are responsible for desire and pleasure.

The main product to increase male potency

The secret to Giacomo Casanova, an excellent lover, was very simple: oysters and more oysters. The main advantage of this "sex drug" has a high content of zinc necessary for prostate health, libido enhancement and increase sperm volume.

But exotic oysters can be replaced by other, much more affordable product – pumpkin seeds. They are also very rich in zinc, and a few days of these delicious aphrodisiacs can work wonders.

Vitamins products power men

Also on the menu sexy giant should include vitamins E, A and b, proteins, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, good cholesterol and essential fatty acids.

Men should get in the habit of eating all nuts and seeds, the most important thing is to do it on a daily basis.

Also a regular part of the impact of sexual the diet are eggs, red meat and fish. Beef and flounder, a long — time leader among protein products for men. Their good season with desired spices: pepper, onion and garlic, which is known as great stimulants of basic instinct.

Vegetables are essential celery. It increases the level of pheromones in men's sweat, which makes it irresistible and attractive to women.

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Sweet foods to increase male potency

Among the leading fruit of the avocado, banana and watermelon. The first is the regulator of hormones and also rich in folic acid, which is a known booster of sexual energy. Put bananas the enzyme bromelain, to prolong the intimate act, and do not contain harmful cholesterol, which affects blood flow. And the watermelon effect is a famous drug because its consumption in the body aktiviziruyutsya amino acids, essential for regulating vascular relaxation and intimate muscles.

Dessert is to eat a few slices of dark chocolate. It not only causes excessive love to, but also contains magnesium, which helps to achieve stable and prolonged erection.

The chinese "Tao of love", the Indian "Kama Sutra", Arabic "one Thousand and one nights", "Science of love" Ovid and other extant treatises pay much attention to it, what should I enter in the perfect lover. These tips are quite topical, so choose the diet for men under the every woman.