Smoking and power: is there a connection, and what?

Before the transition from an acute problem for many men, we would like to inform you that tomorrow we will organize a free webinar, which will describe (without the gruesome pictures and the list of harmful substances), such as Smoking affects the body and how to quit Smoking in 1 day method Allen Carr.

Impotence and Smoking

Definitely all the actual research suggests that nicotine's effect on sexual power and can cause impotence. And this is the focus of the fighters against the is Prohibited. I propose to consider concrete facts.

Exactly how Smoking affects the potency of men?

Consider the formation mechanism of erection. Good blood flow leads sexual stimulation. Therefore, it is possible to predict the consequences of tobacco considering that Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels and the blood clots.

Many people, both smokers and non-smokers believe that smoking can harm a year later. But it is not. Nicotine has a negative effect immediately, i.e. from the first tobacco. Tobacco smoke contains many chemical compounds. Many of them have a direct impact on the potency of men. Even if only one cigarette.

In addition, effects on male potency, Smoking negatively affects fertility, i.e. the ability of man to conceive a healthy baby. The tobacco also cause the development of diseases. Can improve the condition after you give up cigarettes? Of course!

The effect of tobacco to the circulatory system

The majority of smokers believes that, above all, their "way" affects the lungs. This is incorrect. Why? Nicotine affects the cardiovascular system! Carbon dioxide — a powerful damaging factor, which attacks the smoker, like Smoking a hookah. So it makes no sense to ask, that is more harmful — hookah or tobacco.

The devastating effect of Smoking on blood circulation and leads to impotence. Of course, there are other causes of erectile dysfunction, but Smoking is considered the No. 1. Statistics show that smokers are 2 times more likely to suffer from impotence.

Smoking reduce the natural erection

Substance IPDA-5, which is present in medications to improve the potency, improves blood flow to the genitals, stimulate sexual arousal. But if it works, can improve the virility, if a person is smoking, which impairs blood flow?

Smoking and power numbers

Tobacco smoke contains about 7000 chemicals. 700 of them added cigarettes artificially, and 300 represent toxins, without exaggeration. Even one cigarette is harmful to the body. Erection drops 20% below the level that you would have been, if not for the Smoking completely.

And now I want to stop and pay attention to one moment.

Friends! When I give some information on their articles or courses center Allen Carr, I'll never take them from the rooftops. If you Can take some time, you can find confirmation of all the information that I present.

However, it is not worth wasting time looking for statistics. Because rational people, you could understand that the daily inhalation of gallons of toxic smoke can cause harm to the body, including the potency of men.

Blood circulation is not only the delivery of the blood at the right time in the right place (I hope you understand what I mean). Even if you have no need for a powerful erection and the penis is in normal mode, it does not mean that he is not a normal blood circulation. I speak for the rest, comrades!

Why else should give up cigarettes or electronic cigarettes? Because nicotine is a potent neuro-toxin, inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandin E2 and nitric oxide, reducing power, has a negative impact on the quantity and quality of sperm.

Smoking, power and stress

Smoking and power

Often smokers do not notice, that the daily absorption of smoke fill the body with toxic compounds, while oxygen and nutrients become in short supply. The result is a smoker is constantly seeking the feeling of apathy, over-voltage, fatigue. But Smoking for a long time do not pay attention to it, until you notice the first problem with Smoking, for example, to reduce power and other "surprises".

The reason for this is that the process of poisoning is slow. In addition, over time people get used to this state and live with him, taking into account the norms. Increased stress Smoking men is another factor that reduces the sexual power. In this regard, many are interested in, whether you get back an erection if you stop Smoking, how quickly this happens, and can improve your sex life? We'll talk about below.

In the meantime, I want to say the following. My goal is not to waste time, and pay attention to the relationship between Smoking and impotence in men. The rejection of "bad habits" is a chance to improve your sex life. I wish one day would have exclaimed: "to hell with them, these cigarettes!", and had the opportunity to start new bright life, with 100% capacity!