Vitaliy Ostrovsky power

To improve the potency, not necessarily to buy expensive drugs and to engage in painful treatment. Quite often to solve problems with potency is possible with the means available, to each and every man.


It is no secret that nutrition plays an important role in the formation of masculine potency. Increase male power in the home should Supplement your diet with the following products:

  • Seafood. The main components are zinc and selenium, which are rich in seafood have a significant role to increase the potency. In addition, improvement, synthesis of testosterone you can do this, eat plenty of oily sea fish.
  • Nuts (walnuts, almonds and pistachios). The most important factor, which affects the efficacy of arginine. Is an amino acid that improves the blood circulation in the body.
  • Parsley. This folk remedy will help restore the hormonal balance in the male body. The fact that parsley prevents the excessive production of female hormones on the male body, thus help in the synthesis of testosterone. Also parsley is a great tool for the prevention of prostatitis.
  • The onion and garlic. These products also improve blood circulation, contains necessary for the synthesis of testosterone and selenium help to combat bacterial diseases, the management of the normal condition of the prostate.
  • Chocolate (made by the recipe of chocolate of at least 65%). This tool helps to improve the mood and create favorable conditions to improve power.

How to increase male potency at home with the help of physical exercises?

To increase male potency useful to train pubis-coccygeal muscle. This muscle has a direct impact on the scope and quality of erections, so you better muscle development, better erection.


With the help of certain exercises, you can quickly achieve impressive results:

  • "Holding the stone": you have to get up, place hands on waist, knees slightly bent. Try to bend your legs more at the same time tensing and relaxing the muscles of the buttocks. Legs finish straightening it is impossible, as between them is the imaginary "stone" that you want to "keep".
  • "Front step": you need to stand up straight, hands lower down, raise your legs as high as possible below his knees almost pressed to the abdomen, so if the front intensifying.
  • Bridge: you need to lie on your back, half on his knees, hands placed along the body. During exercises to raise the pelvis.
  • "Cycling": you need to lie on your back, hands placed along the body. The legs must be raised and the rotating motion, as if it had been done Cycling. At times, you need speed, try as quickly as possible "to go".

Also useful would be access to the swimming pool and massage, which improves men's health, let him cheer up.

How to increase the potency at home psychological support?

Power problems often arise because of psychological disorders, which may develop psychogenic impotence. Factors can be many: always problems at work and ending with the self-examination of any situation.

Never need to hide and do not hide their problems in the partner. Loving a woman is always support you, I will try to help you solve the problem. It so happens that the problem is solved immediately after his conversation with the woman.

Among men it is believed that the recognition of their sexual problems, and communication from your partner is a manifestation of man's weakness. Such confusion leads to preservation problems between partners, the growth of misunderstanding and mistrust. Increase the power at home is possible if you just seek emotional support and to discuss existing problems.

How to make a beer sour cream power and what is the effect of mint power

Beer, sour cream and potentiality — a kind of cocktail, which has a beneficial effect on the male body, including adding power at home.

Beer, sour cream

The positive effect of drinking is taken into account the fact that the man feels a surge of strength and vitality. Many compare this with the effect of the intake of viagra.

The composition of the drink with just two ingredients — beer and sour cream. The desired result can be obtained if you observe a sense of proportion, the use of this mixture of products: excessive consumption of beer with sour cream power leads to negative consequences, such as obesity.

Peppermint is a healing plant which also has impact on the condition and quality of the erection. However, the effect of mint power rather harmful. The fact that this herb has a calming effect, what's to stop all action in the human body. However, such an effect of menthol on the male body is just as a result of receiving the natural mint and only after a long systematic use of mint.

Several recipes of these products power:

  • Beer should be natural, that is, to possess a shelf life of up to two weeks. Sour cream is rich in fat. There is no universal recipe — you can taste the beer, add the sour cream (but not vice versa). Of course, you should not drink too much of this drink. The reason is simple: 2-3 liters of drinking beer with sour cream power men's strength is lost, and if long time to drink a lot of alcohol, the power suffers extra damage from the effects of the beer.
  • As mentioned above, the only natural peppermint can have an adverse effect on the power, if systematically used for this plant. Menthol cigarettes are (harmful to self), and mint tea is not a natural ingredients of mint, so to fear them is meaningless.

What good tinctures of power and what are their weaknesses

Tinctures power — this is the traditional way to improve male reproductive system. Make tinctures at home and take regularly.

On the basis of all tinctures of power — alcohol (vodka) and various dried herbs: ginseng, ginger, nettle, ginger, hawthorn, etc.

The advantages of tinctures of power — low cost of funds, ease of manufacture and use compared to medicines. Also, these tinctures can help in the treatment of certain diseases.

The disadvantage is that some of the tinctures of power has little to do with medicine. Also forget about driving a car, when taken as a tincture, because it is alcohol-based.


Several recipes for tinctures power

Nettle: nettle seeds, which you want to add to the boiling wine and boil the mixture for no longer than five minutes. Infuse the mixture should be about 30 minutes. Drink 50 ml of tincture before bedtime.

Ginseng: found in ginseng is not very easy, but the finished tincture sold in pharmacies. Should take 30 to 40 drops in the morning and afternoon.

St. john's wort: two tablespoons of herbs pour a glass of boiling water and insist for about an hour. Tincture potency drink throughout the day, and all the glass, you need to drink three times.

Horse chestnut: the dried grain is crushed, 50 grams of seeds should pour 50% alcohol or vodka. Adhere to two weeks, take 30 drops three times a day.

Galangal: 30 grams root pour 500 ml of vodka and infuse for about three weeks. Tincture of efficacy drink 30 drops, thereby further diluting it with water.

What good tea power and what are their weaknesses

Tea power has useful properties: for example, green tea contains a lot of zinc, which is very important to improve the synthesis of male hormones. Tea improves health by removing toxins from the body, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, promote the improvement of the cardiovascular system, helps in the prevention of prostatitis.

Tea power should be fresh, not too much tea in the welding process, otherwise the drink is too much purine and caffeine. A large amount of purine in the body can lead to accumulation of urea in the body. Also strong tea can cause insomnia, will cause more irritation of the men. Tea can not be used on metal and plastic containers.

Ginger tea

The market offers a wide selection of different teas, also showing the purpose — "improve power". Also quite a lot of offers from Chinese manufacturers, but be careful: carefully check the content and the possible side effects of taking this tea power.

Several recipes for tea power

Ivan-tea: the dry leaves of plants pour boiling water and infuse for up to five minutes. Tea can be drunk 2-3 times a day.

Monastery tea: this tea is a good remedy for the prevention of prostatitis. A liter of water add some herbs: two teaspoons of the herb st. john's wort, oregano, rosehip, elecampane root and black tea. Brew the tea on low heat for about 20 minutes, then strain the resulting broth.

Ginger tea: you need to chop a bit of fresh ginger (a teaspoon is enough), pour boiling water and infuse for about 10 minutes.