What determines the power

Male potency depends on a number of factors. The first is physiological: health, blood circulation and testosterone levels. But equally important is the psychological status, relationships with the community and partners.

Man power

Overall health

The body of each person is organized separately. Sexual Constitution, the nature and intensity are one of the indicators. To a large extent they affect the hereditary component. But, like any ability or feature development of man power affected by many factors. There are factors, both mental and physical. The most common of them is a healthy man in principle.

So, power is very dependent on the health of the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure, chronic hypertension can adversely affect male potency. The same applies to low blood pressure. Heart problems, it difficult to sexual intercourse and to weaken the potency is not less.

Atherosclerosis, the scourge of humanity in our days, have a negative effect on potency. Because of cholesterol plaques, preventing the capillary circulation. But it depends on how well is filled with blood cavernous body of the penis.

All endocrine glands are interconnected. Some hormones can start to suppress the other. Because of the poor performance of one of the glands can suffer and other. Therefore, a good production of testosterone, is needed for high power, which related to the health of men in General.

It's the work of the heart and blood vessels, glands in the endocrine system, affect the metabolic processes in the tissues of the internal organs. If there is a problem, there may be inflammation and swelling, stagnant processes in the genital organs. Disorders of the immune system also does not go unnoticed by the level of power. Because pathogens often get sick of the prostate gland.

Fatigue and stress

Modern men has significantly increased the level of daily stress. The average representative of the stronger sex constantly facing challenges that are put before him the world. You must first earn money to support himself and his woman. But it is not enough, because you want to keep your body in shape. And, behold, a man after a hard day at work, when you talk to the boss and disgruntled colleagues, goes to the gym.

It is not surprising that the evening of this day, neither of which are good power is not taken into account. Constant stress, overwork, physical and mental, have a negative impact on the level of sexual desire. Battered spouse is often incapable of good, stable erection. This is not surprising – after all, he should just relax.

Fatigue and stress


Happiness hormone good man power. It is closely linked to testosterone production. A man who feel like a winner, not to complain about low power.

Endorphins are necessary for a person to enjoy life and despite the difficulties. Therefore, happy, confident man is always showing good results and in bed.

If these hormone levels are low, men suffering from weak potency. Body low endorphin conditions of human existence are bad. So time for an active sex life now is not the best.


What determines power? In the first place – the level of the male hormone, testosterone. Its synthesis in the body is influenced by many factors.

Testosterone directly increases the confidence in men, to defend their goal, to protect his family. This hormone is born to win, to configure all new and new achievements. It increases the level of sexual attraction of women and potency. Men who have high testosterone levels not have problems with premature ejaculation or weak erection.


Fat cells directly reduces the level of male hormones. And so, full of men is deteriorating and the level of power. Why is this happening? Testosterone has the ability to break down fat tissues. Therefore, the more the faster it will go hormone in the male body. On the contrary, the weight of men, it accumulates better is better.

In addition, obesity worsens blood circulation in the pelvic area. Looks stagnant processes in the prostate, more difficult to achieve an erection. So if you have problems with excess weight, and began to falter power, firstly, to lose weight.

Weight training

Weight training

Intensive high load triggers the production of testosterone. What exercises are best to improve potency? Perfect sport is weightlifting, the second power purchase power purchase. Here, the load will not last long, but it is an extreme body. Shock can cause the testicles to produce the male hormone – it is called effect on anabolism.

Instead, endurance training and begin the process of degradation. Fatigue for a long time causes the testicles to stop their hormonal activity. Therefore, to run a marathon power is a bad idea. Although all sports have a positive effect on blood circulation in the genital area. This means that a runner or skier, power is still above the average.

A sudden wave of testosterone and increased power leads to just work with free weights. It is an ordinary barbell. Block devices is not suitable. Male potency requires that the load has received the whole body, every muscle. And so the bar is the perfect way to boost testosterone, improve potency.

Good affects the level of sexual desire in the martial arts. Here reigns the spirit of competition, the will to win. But the most important thing you need a good testosterone psychological level.

A good night's sleep

Synthesis of male hormones will suffer, if a man is chronically suffers from insomnia. Here is the opposite effect – men who have endocrine problems, which are not sleeping. With difficulty falling asleep, insomnia often Wake up during the night. And in the morning you feel overwhelmed.

Try to restore the normal regime of the day. Sleep no less than is required for a healthy person age. Maybe in a few weeks you will feel back the taste of life, the desire to win and good power. This is the most important signs of high testosterone.

Psyche and society

When you put the problem of weak potency often is not enough attention has been paid to the social and psychological side of the issue. After all, if the man realized life itself, his testosterone level drops, the mind is oppressed. Therefore, the level of its effectiveness will be reduced. He is less likely to show their strength and will, the less attention to women. On the contrary, a man who does what he wants and financially independent, feel confident in bed.

Such problems often come from childhood and relationships with parents. Any child needs love and careful attitude, constant encouragement. If these conditions are not met, the future potential problems with self-esteem. Man can from childhood to be sure. So – and the power that is the problem.

Another important point – whether the boy in childhood is a strong man image. It does not need to be a father. If a single mother really fit parenting, the boy is always in front of my eyes a sample of behavior. They can easily become a stepfather, uncle, family friend.



Relationship with his girlfriend, and later wife, greatly affects the power. If a woman supports her man, she will feel stronger. Power level is high. On the other hand, continuous disputes and jealousy, complaint, small things can reduce sexual activity.

Special case – when a woman is trying to take the headship in the family. Men's relations with one of the main points – feel a responsibility to protect his family. And if this condition is not met, the testosterone in the end drop.

Fears and anxiety

It is no secret that the first sexual experience is always still depend on sexual activity. Many men the first time does not show too good results. Influence of agitation, poor understanding of the situation. But if the partner at this stage is to show compassion and understanding, all is well.

On the other hand, if a man sees the ridicule, negativity, belongs to by comparing yourself with others – he gets injured. As a result of which it is very difficult to improve even a professional psychologist.