Useful products for men sexual usefulness

Since ancient times, people sought all sorts of means, the effect of which purpose is to strengthen the power and increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse. A special place among such means is useful in products for men that perform a number of tasks simultaneously: to increase the impulse, sexual desire, strengthen and support the functions of the reproductive system at the right level, to increase the erotic feelings, and rejuvenate the body.

potency in men

How masculine potential vitamins

A healthy and balanced diet for men, depends largely on the usefulness of his sex life. Therefore, product quality should be present in the menu those that are necessary to maintain a power amount of nutrients and vitamins.

List of useful a good reproduction of the products is quite large. The best increase potency, are those products, which consists of the following vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamin a, known as retinol. Effectively improve sexual ability, positive effect on the immune system. Around 5,000 IU is the daily norm of this vitamin for an adult male;
  • b-vitamins can significantly improve the quality of sexual life. This group includes several different elements. In particular, vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) confirmed by providing blood in the tissue of the penis blood vessels, which are directly responsible for the high level of erection. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) significantly increases endurance, promotes the production of the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine. Happiness hormone serotonin, which enhances the brightness of orgasm your body to synthesize vitamin B6. The nervous system and the brain energy, it contains vitamin B1 (thiamine);
  • arginine is very important to men's health. Is an amino acid that regulates the concentration of nitrogen in the blood. Necessary for good efficacy of arginine enters the body of the protein products;
  • Vitamins D and E in growing male organ of several hormones, which positively affects the health of the seminiferous tubules and testicles;
  • selenium is very important for men who worry about their productive activity and sperm quality. This product speeds up the production of testosterone levels required for health and excellent functionality of the genitourinary system;
  • Vitamin C is responsible for the production of dopamine – a hormone which affects male libido. In addition, part of the activation and normalization of the lost body tocopherol;
  • zinc is very important, because the man power. Along with participation in the production of testosterone zinc supports prostate health;
  • carotene increases libido and strengthens the immune system. This element is essential in the treatment of prostate cancer;
  • calcium and magnesium are involved in the process of testosterone synthesis, the amount of which depends on the power level.

This is only the most important vitamins, which is enriched in foods that increase potency in men. In addition, useful is the food, with a capacity of glycine, tyrosine, threonine, histidine and fiber.

Some men are trying to compensate for balance of vitamins pharmacy drugs. Although vitamin-mineral supplements is able to maintain the condition of the body, but they a substitute for proper diet completely will not work. It should be clear that want to increase the potency of men, firstly, to normalize the diet, taking into account their physical activity and individual characteristics.

Useful products for men

useful products for power

Male body for sexual relationship is different than that of women. How and what to eat, man depends directly on his sexual activity. It should be noted that in most cases far from complete diet for representatives of a strong half. Many men eat randomly and evenly, the preferred range of the synthetic boosters flavor.

What useful products for men has been present in the diet, boost the power? To maintain the proper functioning and health of the reproductive system, the diet is balanced and correct.

A list of products, the potency in men is quite extensive, so choose any of them, you should look into the table-features, and parts.

Eggs diet for men

This product increases testosterone production and increases physical energy. The composition of the egg contains large amounts of folic acid, which accelerates the production of semen and increases the level and quality of semen. Regular use of this product significantly improves the efficiency of the men, to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the bones, improves memory and promotes proper sexual life. Should just eat the egg food in unlimited quantities, because the body is experiencing a surplus to contain cholesterol in the yolk.

Seeds and nuts

Products in this group an important role in the diet. To increase the potency of men, the nuts belong to the most effective and the best products. The ideal in this regard, is considered the walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and pine. They are rich in vitamins E and b, and elements, such as arginine, selenium, and zinc. In addition, the product has a large number of fatty acids, stabilize blood circulation and lower cholesterol. Daily intake of walnuts for men is 100 g nuts. Just need to use them raw, if the product fry, useful properties he loses.

Honey and propolis

Quite effective products that increase potency in men – is the honey and propolis. Restoring male potency and improves sexual function long-these products are popular. Honey belongs to the category of those products that, regardless of age, men need to be included in his diet. With regard to increased power, the honey floral varieties and chestnut are the most valuable product.

Almost the entire periodic table contains propolis, honey and pollen. These substances increase the elasticity of blood vessels and normalize the production of hormones. Eat daily 2 teaspoons of honey a day, people can completely cure erectile failures and a significant increase in your libido.

Very good to combine with honey nuts. The first to improve the sexual characteristics, the second is to strengthen the effect.

Seafood and fish

One of the best grading products, to improve sexual function is considered shellfish (oysters, clams, shrimp, crab) and fish (flounder, mackerel). Not only beneficial power of minerals and vitamins, these products are in the Champions capacities of zinc.

According to the theory the researchers seafood contains a rare amino acid that increases the production of hormones and sexual arousal. But the positive effects of seafood to increase potency is it only raw. Also cooked dishes, but fried does not affect the offer. If raw fish is not you can, it is best to cook it for a couple. The use of steamed tuna, mackerel or flounder significantly increases the sexual desire of men, women.



Rejuvenation of the body and improve men's immune system contributes to the abundance of polysaccharides and iodine in the seaweed. This is an excellent herbal product which not only increase durability, but also promotes greater duration of sexual intercourse. Kelp is rich in hormone-like elements, which have high anti-sclerotic effect and very valuable to the human body, especially men.

Bitter chocolate

Highly effective aphrodisiac, which stimulates the production of endorphins is bitter chocolate with at least 60% of the composition is cocoa. Drinking even a small amount of this product soothes and improves mood, reduces anxiety, contributes to the stability of sexual relationships and gives men confidence in their sexual characteristics.

Root crops and vegetables

The presence in the diet of vegetarian beneficial effect on the intimate life of men. The most useful plant products that increase the potency – turnips, garlic, onions and carrots. Men's health very well, strengthen the roots of the celery and ginger. These products contain a lot of minerals and antioxidants, which affect the functioning of the sexual life. A salad of fresh vegetables every day to improve your sexual desire of man, and give productivity a sexual act.

Fruit preference should be given to water melon, pomegranate and bananas. They contain a lot of vitamin C in watermelons is citrulline also has useful amino acids, after which the consumption has turned the arginine.

Bananas belong to the powerful aphrodisiacs. Eating day two of the banana man will be able to significantly improve the libido and not question his manhood.

Dairy products

Diet for men, who cares about his sexual performance, there must be sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt. These foods are rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, which are necessary for the production of the required men's testosterone levels.

In addition, the rich amount of calcium found in dairy products, and this element is necessary to control the level of testosterone prevent premature ejaculation and high sexual activity.

Spices and meat products

Anyone who is a connoisseur of flavorful spices very well in this regard, a suitable anise, ginger, mint, cloves, pepper, cardamom and cloves. Useful are also a variety of herbal teas, especially by adding honey to them.

Diet for men should also be meat. Most healthy dishes are prepared with beef, veal, liver and tongue.

Meals to combat impotence

If you carefully examine what products will most effectively increase the potency, then they can be quite varied and balanced menu. Very useful is dressed with sour cream salad with egg and onions.
Although some simple and effective recipes to combat low sexual activity:

vegetables power

  • stew with carrots, turnips, onions and lean meat to improve health and increase sexual energy is considered to be very useful. Itself is a meat protein product, and it has a lot of useful minerals, and in particular arginine;
  • salad greens with added nuts or shellfish have powerful properties. The greens you can use green onions, parsley and Basil;
  • very tasty and healthy for men dessert is a fruit salad of watermelon, orange and banana, filled with yogurt mixed with lemon juice or pomegranate.

The main rule when formulating a diet to increase potency is become with food, the man received the necessary minerals, amino acids and vitamins, which are responsible for the level of sexual power and male characteristics.

Harmful sexual activity products

If a man is committed to improving the sexual viability, then he first need to eliminate from your diet the following products:

  • fatty and fried meat, this is true for lard and pork. Replace them with fish, rabbit, Turkey meat or chicken;
  • canned foods and sausages in a battle with a low libido is unnecessary, because they prevent the functioning of the reproductive system;
  • white bread and sweet pastries to slow down the blood flow, which affects the health of the penis;
  • spicy and salty foods to reduce erectile. This does not mean that it is impossible to salt the food, just don't overuse spices and salt;
  • alcoholic beverages, beer, coffee, energy and fizzy drinks interfere with reproductive functions, and affects the functioning of all the organs;
  • sports nutrition must be taken with extreme caution, since some additives have a negative effect on the libido;
  • fat dairy products and butter is rich in calories. They provoke the interruption of blood circulation and reduced erectile ability.

Apart from these harmful power products, lack of vitamins may be due to the repetitive menu. Therefore, you should not just eat nuts or eggs. The menu should be balanced and in perfect proportion to the availability of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

What else affect the efficacy?

The fact that men's opportunities are directly dependent on proper nutrition, a proven time. This is also confirmed by numerous reviews of men who use a well-composed diet returned to their men's abilities and increased libido.

it affect the potency

But in addition to malnutrition, low sexual activity may be due to past injuries and diseases, high mental and physical exertion. The hereditary factor should also be taken into account for those who suffer from disorders of the reproductive system.

A good and trusting relationship partner belongs to a number of factors that affect the success of sexual life.

Proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation – these are the main rules, which determine the quality of sexual life of men.