Top exercises to increase power: sit-UPS complex qigong

Violation of potency most often face men over 50 years old. However, the modern pace of life and bad ecology has led to the fact that sexual dysfunction can occur at an earlier age. To avoid such problems, doctors recommend, live a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as the systematic exercises of power recommended by your doctor.

exercises for power

The benefits of exercise

No man, regardless of age, are not immune from erectile dysfunction. How does it manifest itself? The first signs are decreased libido, lack of morning erections when waking up, premature ejaculation or the inability of the penis to achieve necessary for sexual intercourse hardness.

The reasons for this can be many:

  • Stagnant processes in the pelvic area.
  • Bad habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse).
  • Inappropriate diet.
  • Often stress.

Male enhancement, doctors recommend regular exercise. Experts have developed certain complexes, which consists of a variety of exercises to increase power. Among their advantages:

  1. Study of major muscle and maintain tone, which is very important for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
  2. Thanks to regular exercise the potency, increases the synthesis of testosterone – the hormone responsible for the formation of sperm and quality of erections in men.
  3. Due to the physical removal of the stagnant processes in the pelvic area, which is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and other diseases of the urogenital system.
  4. After a workout, your body reduces the level of adrenaline. In the case where the amount of this hormone in the male body exceeded, can develop emotional stress, which always has a negative effect on potency.
  5. Gymnastics helps to improve the mood and General state of the whole organism. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins.
  6. Do the exercise to raise the power, it is always possible to achieve relaxation of the muscles.

However, you must remember that exercise improves the power to be truly effective, they need to perform regularly. See the positive impact man can have a few weeks of training.

Instead, you can use a variety of drugs to maintain efficacy, physical activity has long-term effects. Doctors say that the daily exercises of power, allows you to avoid the problems related to sexual health of men, regardless of age.

Daily gymnastics

It is sufficient, you can perform daily small exercises, in order to avoid various problems with sexual function and need to visit a doctor.

daily gymnastics

The squat is the most effective way to prevent problems with the prostate and other organs of the reproductive system of men. However, in order to achieve the greatest possible effect, only those who can do them correctly. How to do it:

  • Starting position – standing slightly placed to the side of the foot. The hands can drop down or pull in front and socks need to watch out.
  • The maximum strain the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Without lifting the heels from the floor down as far as possible hard work.
  • Dropping down as much as possible should be slightly delayed (5 seconds).
  • Gently, without jerks rise to the starting position.

Every morning should start with 20 squats. It is an excellent prevention of prostatitis, and helps to strengthen the blood circulation and the body's testosterone synthesis.

Effective exercises

Any sexual dysfunction, a man should consult a doctor. Usually, the doctor prescribes the drug treatment, treatment of folk remedies and exercises for impotence, which help to restore the virility. The system may include a variety of exercises for the prostate and power. This files most often recommend are:

  1. Kegel Exercises. To make their can be done in any position (sitting, lying, standing). The most important thing, when you do this, relax all the muscles of the body. Have to take turns as much as possible to compress and relax the muscles of the perineum. Take a deep breath you need. It is recommended to do 5 sets of 10 times. Such exercises help strengthen the PC muscles. This is an excellent prevention of many problems in the organs of the urogenital system.
  2. Starting position – standing straight. Hands easily put on the belt, and legs slightly bent at the knees. Sharp movements to raise the pelvis forward then back. Each of the 10 movements should take a little break, and then the exercise is repeated. All you need to do 5 of these approaches.
  3. Being in the position squatting, pull your abdominal muscles, buttocks and try to lift the scrotum, so deep breath. When you exhale relax all the muscles. Every 10 breaths, you should take a little break. Such actions will help restore testicular function.
  4. Lying on the floor, one hand placed on the head, and another in the groin. As hard as you can tensing the legs, pull the anus. Need to make 5-10 of these approaches, and then change hands.
  5. The amendments ensure that, if this exercise is done correctly, it can very quickly improve the potency in men. It works as follows: if you want to sit in a chair with a high back, turned to face him. Make slow circular movements of the pelvis. So exhale — stretch the abdominal muscles, and when you breathe out – you need to vigorously anus. Per spin, you need to inhale and exhale.
  6. Standing face to the wall, put his finger on. Carrying the whole body weight from one leg to the other. It is important to ensure that the socks do not come off the floor. During the training you have to do 10 reps with small breaks in between each.
  1. Lie on your back, leaning on the very floor of the foot. Hands should be along the body. The pelvis should be lifted up, pausing at the top for a few seconds. When the muscles of the buttocks need to greatly compress. The beginning is enough for 10 climbs. Over time their number should gradually increase, leading to 70-100 times, divided into several approaches.
  2. Good workout to increase the potency can be called walking in place, back straight and dropped his hands. 1 approach is 30 seconds. After the same relaxation this exercise should be repeated.

Yoga improves power

yoga power

It was found that men who practice yoga, almost never face sexual problems. Some of the exercises in this practice it is recommended to perform even with this diagnosis, as impotence. To avoid injury, before you run them, it is recommended to do a warm-up, aimed at stretching the muscles. It is important to monitor the proper implementation:

  • "The Aura." Lie comfortably on your back and relax muscles. Feet together with lower back lifted. The ideal would be if I could start them in the head. Firstly, it is unlikely, but gradually you can achieve. Your hands should be free to lie relaxed on the floor along the body.
  • "Bow". Lie down comfortably on the stomach and relax the muscles of the entire body. Bend your knees, and your hands clasp themselves behind the ankle. Fixed position and stay in this position for at least 5 seconds. Gradually the time is increased.
  • "The Cobra". Lie on your stomach by bringing your feet together. Palms rest on the floor in the middle of the chest. Upper body lift up, to maximally stretch the lower back.

The practice of yoga help men strengthen the muscles and increase blood circulation, as well as get peace of mind. Consequently, as the exercise will help you quickly solve various problems with potency and avoid their occurrence in the future.

Chinese physical exercises

Chinese medicine is known for its unique method, which aims to eliminate different health problems and potency in men also. One of such methods is qigong.

A similar set of exercises gives the opportunity to restore the lost virility. Regularly perform them is recommended for those men who want to conceive a child. Qigong is based on the saturation of the whole organism with oxygen.

The advantage of this exercise is its availability. Exercise to increase potency is fully permitted at any convenient for men time at home. Special tools and simulators for this purpose it is not necessary. It is important that the room is well ventilated, and always had access to fresh air. Feature of the complex is its cumulative effect. The first results, a man might notice that a few weeks of training commencement.

It is best to do exercises in the morning after waking up or at night before going to bed. But experts point out that in order to see the effect of your training faster, they should be regular and carried out always at the same time.

Clothes need to choose a free, which does not hinder movement. Best of all, if it is made of natural fabrics. Eat or drink before class is not worth it. But after 30-60 minutes of charging power, you can drink a Cup of warm herbal tea.

The first exercise qigong

While exercise is very important to take a deep breath:

  • Starting position – lying on his back. Arms stretching along the body. Foot — direct.
  • One leg (first left) with bent knees and feet resting on the floor.
  • Focus on the bent leg and the shoulders, gently, without jerks pick up directly from the right foot, taking a deep breath.
  • During the lower legs, lingered at the point when both feet are on the same line.
  • On the exhale, gently put the foot down.
  • The leg position change – right bend fixed legs to the floor, and left by pulling it straight up.
  • The second leg of the exercise will be repeated in the same order.
qigong exercises

Another exercise qigong

During the execution of a complex qigong should pay attention to deep breathing:

  1. Starting position lying on his back, arms stretched along the body. Cross your legs so that the bottom was left.
  2. Make the most deep breath.
  3. Hips and back should be off the floor. You can rely on so that it is necessary, hands, neck and left heel, trying to evenly distribute between them the whole load.
  4. Stay in this position and stand for a few seconds.
  5. During the lowering of the floor to breathe.
  6. To change the position of the legs so that the bottom was right.
  7. Repeat the exercise.

The number of repetitions is not smaller than 10 times.

Third exercise qigong

The order of execution:

  1. To lie on his stomach with straight legs and arms.
  2. Rest on the floor palms at a level slightly below the shoulders.
  3. On the inhale, lift the body, easy to push off the floor. You need to arch your back and pelvis flat on the floor.
  4. The greatest point of deflection, his head tilted backwards. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  5. During the counting frame to do slow breathing.

The number of repetitions is at least 10.

To start training, people can at any age. Presents exercises to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, prevents stagnant processes and to strengthen the muscles. If you exercise daily, then a few weeks later, the man might notice a significant improvement in sexual function.