Power: 5 factors that negatively affect male power

Is men the ability to inspire, maintain the sexual act to the end and the ejaculate is affected by many factors, as power is a very sensitive issue. Some representatives of the stronger sex in old age still anxious in intimate terms, and some even young content with sex twice a week and I think it is perfectly acceptable. It weakens the "man power" and affect sexual function?


Problems with potency triggers weight

And the thing is not only the purely physical difficulties, even if the extra weight and complicate the normal operation and switches to position, and it is of great importance in the qualitative sexual intercourse. Fat men the level of female hormone estrogen to grow, but the concentration of testosterone which accelerates the growth of muscles, which are responsible for the physical strength and endurance, and most importantly, to determine the degree of the desire and the ability to physical intimacy, decreases. That's why men get fat on the female type — they are growing in the stomach and chest, the shoulders become less buttocks.

And even if the man isn't too complex about their appearance and ignore the internal hormonal processes in the body, it is not. Add this add shortness of breath, sweating, heart rhythm disturbances the risk of heart attack and stroke — and the image is absolutely depressing. Therefore, for those who have problems with potency, because of the extra weight, it makes sense to think about nutrition and life.

Carbonated drinks, soybean & popcorn — how do they affect the potency of men?


It would seem that of all the dangers that await our consumption of carbonated sugary drinks, we are already aware of. And enamel they decompose, and calcium eluted from the bones, and also provoke a set of excess weight, but few people know that they lead to the accumulation of bromine in the body, causing reduced power and possibly infertility. So for all those, for whom this picture does not look rosy, is to reduce the number of carbonated drinks consumed, and even to abandon them altogether in favor of natural juices, fruits and vegetables.

Soy affects the directly by preventing sperm sperm. The fact that it contains isoflavones, which in its structure and function resemble the female sex hormone estrogen. The extra weight can only strengthen the negative effects, use products based on soy. But pumped up body builders, not to choose your characters, do not relax ahead of time. Many of them take steroids to build muscle mass, and often out of ignorance or for the sake of saving to get a low-quality soy products. As a result, suffers from the potency of men, and self-esteem.

Like popcorn, this is a harmless sweetness, which is so like to feast on the fans of the film, placed in packages, coated with non-stick chemicals, so they do not lose fat. With the accumulation in the body, they cause problems with potency, infertility and even testicular cancer. So, going with my girlfriend to the movies, it is better to prepare a delicious dessert as it is or replace it with Apple chips, which is also very tasty and useful for health. What else could negatively affect the "man power"? Inadequate intake of zinc. If you don't like seafood, do not eat nuts, drink hot chocolate and like sesame and pumpkin seeds for baking, it's time to consider your taste preferences.

Zinc is a trace element intact male seed, the regulator of the endocrine and reproductive systems. It stimulates the prostate the production of testosterone and improve erectile function, ability to ejaculate and conceive. So everyone who wants to be a good power, should increase in the diet proportion of zinc-rich foods.

Bad habits are to blame for the poor power

Bad habits

Many smokers and heavy drinkers can now say that the glass-another strong drink just to confirm the desire and passion, and smoked after making love to a cigarette is like a breath of fresh air after the summer heat. But it does not mean that it always will be. Toxic substances in tobacco smoke accumulate in the male body, disrupting the work of all organs and systems, because the main active ingredient, namely, nicotine constricts blood vessels and impairs blood circulation, which negatively affects the quality of erection and potency.

Like alcohol, probably many have noticed that after the breast immediately drawn to take advantage — aktiviziruyutsya want intimacy, but when it comes to intercourse, it is about the end, can only dream of — ejaculation does not happen and will not happen. In the future, have problems with erection and potency are gradually eroding. Ethanol adversely affects the sperm motility. It seems that they are, but to fertilize, not all are ready. If we talk about drugs, the situation is even worse, because of the disintegration of personality and physical exhaustion such a bad way is still faster.

Poor sleep? Lack of sleep one of the causes of impotence

The fast pace of modern life, in pursuit of the things of mankind leave their mark on the daily routine of the modern man. They tend to earn more money to provide their families with all the needs, paying to sleep in less time than is needed rest. This increases the risk of developing heart failure, neurosis, diabetes, etc. just tired, is not the best way affects potency in men, in addition to the regular lack of sleep causes an increase in the concentration of cortisol and decrease production of sex hormones.


Clinically proven that men with obstructive sleep apnea or nocturnal snoring, so disorders that decrease the quality of sleep, suffer from erectile dysfunction more often for those who do not complain of lack of sleep.

Stress and low self-esteem

What causes problems with potency, they, without exception, cause the fear of intimacy and insecurity, which exacerbates the current situation. Instead, enjoy, get pleasure from foreplay, the man, and then glances at the abdomen, and constantly think about whether an erection can I ejaculate not to disappoint partner. So dormant, reduce the degree of pleasure, and although there is no support for women, but on the contrary, accusations, or even worse — ridicule, what good power is to forget.

If we add to this chronic stress, problems at work, misunderstandings of the most close friends, then the circle is closed. He is left alone with his problem and finding no way out. Therefore, this is a delicate matter, as potency in men, requires the mandatory exclusion of the negative, provoking its fall factors.