Increased potency folk remedies

Products that increase the potency this:

  • the red meat;
  • seafood;
  • nuts;
  • vegetables, especially turnips;
  • dairy products, etc.

Let's start with the simplest – with a Cup of coffee. You will be surprised, but this drink is perfectly improves the male libido. Of course, if they are not abused.


Journal of food consume 2-3 cloves garlic.

To use elder berries daily, which also has a positive effect on potency.

Few people know that to increase potency is possible, using daikon – radish Japanese. By the way, this plant is neutral in its composition, and even if men have problems in the gastrointestinal tract, daikon can be included in the diet safely.

You need to clean the daikon and grate on a fine grater. Take 2 daikon 2 carrots, 2 medium apples. All of this rack. Add the juice of half a lemon and the zest. Now all you need to mix, add the honey to taste and transfer to a container glass. The tool resulting, take 1 tablespoon three times a day.

A beneficial effect on the male body have fruits and vegetables. The best way to increase libido can be green, onion and tomatoes. Tomatoes baked in the oven, garnished with parsley, will help to improve the potency and raising the General tone of the body.

We should not forget about the herbs. For example, the garlic. Contains a large amount of vitamins. The set of these elements to cleanse the cardiovascular system of harmful substances and toxins, improves the blood. After the cleaning of the blood vessels is better able to circulate through them, which helps to strengthen the power.

A simple spice, like cinnamon, also helps to increase the potency.

Still useful to increase the power to eat raw celery and roasted potatoes, is also very good helps to increase male potency.

Also effective is the inclusion in the diet of meat and raw carrots, which you should mix with the butter.

Herbal Infusions and teas in combination with honey are also very useful to increase the potency.

To increase the power, it is recommended to consume fish, vegetables, shellfish, tomatoes, nuts and olive oil.

A good remedy is Basil. Add this herb spicy meat or fish and salads.

Try to eat balanced. Eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, vegetables. Note daikon, nuts, ginger, sour cream, nuts and don't forget to add to your meals spices.

You must reconsider your diet should be correct and balanced, it is especially important to eat protein, as a man you need strength and energy. Include in your diet, seeds, nuts.

Contain important vitamin E, which promotes good health, and keep you in shape. Indians to increase sexual desire, a mixture of nuts with honey.

This mixture may consist of different proportions and consume two teaspoons after eating for thirty days.

It also helps to increase the potency in men vinegar garlic. Cook-it-yourself at home easily.

Herbal Infusions and teas

Garlic minced, pour water and put in to invest in a dark place, you need each day to stir the mixture. After about 30 days the infusion is ready.

Make this mixture should be a teaspoon, the consumption of milk (a glass). From this infusion, the effect will not keep waiting long and the power will increase.

Eliminate from the diet foods that can reduce the power: the alcohol, the energy, fizzy drinks, strong coffee. Limit the intake of flour products and potatoes. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Eat more fish and seafood.

For potency very useful herbs. Therefore, and recipes to improve the quality of sexual life on the basis of green colour very, very much. Therefore, you can take the parsley and cilantro, all crush, mix and add to food every day 1 teaspoon. You can do this dose for a few receptions.

Equal proportions take the coriander and the parsley. Grind, mix, and add 1 tablespoon to your food every day. Easy and fast!

You may want to add to the diet a good complex multivitamin that also will help to increase the potency.

How to increase male potency nuts?

It is known that a folk remedy to combat impotence include nuts. This is not surprising, because they are much more useful minerals and fats.

They restore the hormonal levels and to obtain the proper amount of nutrients. The nuts are available, but because they can, and should, be used to increase the potency.

How to prepare a remedy on the basis of nuts? For this mix dry fruit powder with honey in equal proportions. It is also suitable for pine nuts, which have to be ground in a mortar and mixed with water.

In pine nuts contains a high amount of vitamin E, and restores the hormonal balance that helps to normalize the level of male hormone testosterone and allows you to increase the power.

Use the healing power of nuts, which are very useful for the power. Especially good are new.

You can eat 8-16 nuts on a daily basis, wash them with goat's milk. There is another idea that the new are taken in equal proportions with honey (nuts pre-bit, of course).

Is remedy for power, you to take 2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. This mixture can also be taken with milk.

Treatment prescription for the potency is carried out for 20-30 days.

Next, we present a folk remedy to increase potency in the form of recipes, the most effective and checked at the time.

Propolis, and honey

Bee products have been effective to increase the potency. and it was used in medicine folk for improve erection. In the old days, men used to eat walnuts, mixed with honey.

Daily 3-4 times a mixture of 30 drops with warm milk (150 gr.) and drink half an hour before meals.

The wax cake remaining after pressing in any case, it is not necessary to pull. It is possible to make rectal suppositories. However, they are not effective for the restoration of the libido.


Foods that cure of sexual dysfunction

Doctors recommend that before you change your diet, turn to the experts to reveal the game of pathology, in which standard diet is likely to harm the already fragile health.

Especially useful for men with erectile dysfunction protein products that contained a small amount of fat. These include:

  • lean meats— rabbit, chicken, veal, lamb lean meat;
  • caviar fish;
  • the beans and the herbs (herbs) that belongs to the family;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • eggs, especially quail;
  • low fat cheese and without salt;
  • fish (mainly marine).

In addition to the protein food is recommended to eat herbs, vegetables (cucurbits, including zucchini, cucumbers and, in fact, a pumpkin along with the seeds), brown rice, whole grains and cereals.

To improve the synthesis of sex hormones male will help the spices that you need in moderate amounts to add to the dish. To increase the testosterone level will help large, ginger root and pods of hot pepper, cinnamon and other herbs with a spicy taste, in addition to saffron. You can also diversify the menu, traditional fermentation of the milk products of Asian countries.

Herbal remedies, as a way to eliminate erectile dysfunction

This method of strengthening men's sexual function is the most ancient method, it has been said before, that is at least several hundreds of years. For its implementation will be of herbs that you can easily prepare for use in the home. In addition, you can take advantage of the products of the bees. In short, the recipes of traditional medicine offers a variety.


Therefore, when the inflammatory nature of the impotence, the emphasis should be placed on the normalization of blood circulation and tissue repair. This can help and herbs with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and regenerating effect, the decoction of which must be performed throughout the day in small doses. Also essential will be a candle with honey or propolis.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men

We all know that power is the capacity of men to act, to produce, that is to carry out a true man of the function. Sexual life (regular) has a beneficial effect on all body functions, there is a great mood, vitality, and confidence.

It is very important that the potency in men all was in order and if it is low, you have to apply measures for its enlargement. But, unfortunately, statistics show that the problem of poor erection faces every third man.

Defective sexual life due to impotence problems is a great emotional trauma for men. Because of the power depends not only on the possibility of sexual relations, but also the direction and strength of the libido, the duration of the sexual relationship, the quality and the duration of the erection.

These indicators may have strong, medium or weak.

Even though many are trying such as a delicate issue to overlook. By the way, absolutely in vain, as we talk about the fact that modern medicine really works miracles and doctors can help men to restore potency.

Therefore, we recommend that you initially refer to a specialist. Folk remedies to increase potency in this case is not prohibited, but should be used only as a Supplement to the basic treatment, not as an independent way of getting rid of all the problems.

It is very important that the doctor knows what folk remedies do you are going to use. Some herbal teas, the herbs and the rates have contraindications, and this can be consulted with a specialist.

How to apply recipes to increase the power?

A folk remedy is the "heavy artillery" in the fight to increase the potency. Many herbs and foods are potent stimulants of male sexual function. The use of these folk remedies beneficial for sexual health of males:

  1. Hop cones. Take one tablespoon of great dried hop cones and mix it with a full glass of boiling water. Car for forty minutes. After the strain, and divide the infusion into two halves. Eat before Breakfast and after dinner.
  2. Ginger with honey and walnuts. Chop the walnuts. Connect them with the dry ginger and honey natural in equal amounts. Food obtained before Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a big ball.
  3. Nettle
  4. A decoction of the root of ginseng. Pour into the container of a glass of juice of carrot and add fifty grams of finely chopped root of ginseng. Bring the mixture to a boil. Drink received during the day.

Garlic to increase the potency

  • Boiled turnips. Take a small turnip, cut into dice and boil in the milk with a high percentage of fat. It is, preferably, at bedtime.
  • Nettle broth. Pour one hundred grams of nettle leaves in a pot with half liter of water. Boil for eight minutes. Divide the decoction into two parts and the drink in the late afternoon and evening.
  • Calamus root. The tool is used in the form of rubber. Chew the root of sweet flag before Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a few minutes.
  • Rapidly increasing power will help the juice of carrots

    The list of effective recipes

    Folk medicine and official, involves the use of means, whose action is aimed at eliminating traumatic factors, restore the functions of organs and systems. Also important in the strengthening of erectile function the prevention of the negative effects on the organism of various factors.

    He worked out in accordance with the old principles, the most appropriate methods to raise the tone are:

    • The standardisation of food with obligatory inclusion of products that are stimulants potency.
    • Increased physical activity within reason.
    • Strengthening the immune system through consumption of vitamins, minerals, and use other means to stimulate it at home.
    • Restore the metabolism and enhancing the synthesis of the hormone of folk remedies (including the use of herbs, honey, etc.).

    All these methods have the sole purpose of complete restoration of the function of all systems of the body and the male reproductive system in particular.

    To restore sexual function, there are several simple techniques:

    Ginger with honey
    • hops. A spoonful of hop cones, pour a glass hot boiled water and simmer gently for about 10 minutes. Strain the broth, cool, and take half a Cup 2-3 times a day;
    • honey and nuts is a delicious way to increase male potency. To prepare the mixture you need to mix the new with the liquid honey and two tablespoons of half an hour before meals. This is very useful recipe for not only power, but also for the cardiovascular system;
    • garlic is an easy way to male enhancement. For the kitchen should be a kg of garlic, finely chop and throw in a three-liter jar, pour the brim with boiling water and leave to infuse for 30 days. Then, take one teaspoon per day at any time of the day;
    • carrots. Juice of carrots increases the power well. It is recommended to take fresh juice 3 times a day 100 ml;
    • ginger. The most effective recipe – a blend of ginger dry with honey. The ingredients are taken in quantities of the same and mixed together. The tool resulting is characterized by an effect tonic and take a teaspoon 3 times a day.

    Quality and regular sex with a woman is not only a constituent element of the life of man, but also a way to optimize the circulation of the blood, which beneficially affects all other systems and organs.