Products to improve the power rating for men

Decrease of erection and libido, it is important to review your diet. You should make a menu so that it was a useful product of power. Many varieties of fish, fruits, vegetables, honey and dried fruit has a positive effect on men's willingness and opportunities.

Products that increase the potency – what are the most useful: TOP 20

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The right diet is one of the conditions of a stable sexual function. In ancient times women know what is served for dinner the wife of a wild and passionate night.

Medieval men had their own recipes, that will help them be on top, when meeting another woman. Modern studies have confirmed the effectiveness of food sexual competence.

Which has a positive effect on blood circulation?

Mechanism of erection is the saturation of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. This process has been continuous, you should carefully monitor the condition of the cardiovascular system.

There are several foods that improve the vessels and the heart, as well as causing the normal blood flow to the genitals.


The leader among the products to improve the abilities of men is nuts. The nuclei contain substances that are essential to the functioning of the reproductive system.

The main advantage – the presence of arginine, an amino acid that promotes nitric oxide. Thanks to him, provided the filling of blood to the penis and an erection.

Medical experts recommend mixing a few varieties of nuts – walnuts, pine, pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and eat them with honey. To increase the therapeutic effect will be achieved if there is a raw kernel, without prior roasting. Meat and fish dishes is also recommended to cook the nuts.

Great performance of the different pine nuts. They not only enhance the ability to achieve an erection, but also improve health in General.


Foods that increase the potency, it is necessary to consider the Mare. For many, this drink is not too familiar, but it was a lot better than other animal milk.

The use of mare's milk allows you to:

  • To strengthen the cardio-vascular system;
  • Improves the blood;
  • To stabilize the metabolism;
  • To improve health status;
  • Increase the protective properties of the organism;
  • To prevent the aging process.

You should drink 1 glass of mare's milk within half an hour after Breakfast. During exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, treatment should be discontinued.


Honey and pollen is among those bee products that provide blood flow to the penis. In addition, their use allows to increase testosterone production and supply to the male body protein is needed to maintain a high level of sexual activity.

Honey can be used both in pure form, they are replaced with sugar and jam and mix it with nuts or dried fruit. Use this mixture helps to strengthen sexual function.


The presence of cancer and graves ' disease should consult a doctor before adding bee to your permanent diet, it's important.


About the positive effect of fruits and vegetables the condition of the circulatory system is also known to many.

Regular consumption of striped berries offers:

  • Expansion of the vascular lumen, which is necessary for strong erections;
  • Prevention of malignant tumors of the prostate;
  • Activation of the amino acid compounds;
  • Prevention of age related impotence.


A positive effect on the activity of erection is different and pomegranate juice. Daily consumption of the beverage in an amount of 200 ml to help significantly improve sexual function.

The basic properties of garnet:

  • Growth gaps in the blood vessels;
  • The normalization of the blood flow to the penis;
  • Strengthening of vascular walls;
  • It slows down the aging process;
  • To improve the condition of the nervous system;
  • The prevention of cancer.

Food to increase testosterone and improve libido

Sexual attraction is responsible for the normal testosterone levels in the body. Its decline is due to various factors, hormonal imbalance, illness, age-related changes.

When there is insufficient hormone can begin to eat foods that help to improve its synthesis.


One of the first places in the ratings, which includes products for potency in men, you can find oysters. Their unique composition allows:

  • To improve the production of sex hormones;
  • Enhanced erectile function;
  • Promote libido;
  • You can increase the volume of semen produced.

Effect of oysters testosterone is ensured by the presence of large amounts of zinc and valuable amino acids. The most useful seafood caught in the spring, when the molluscs thrive.

For therapeutic purposes, should eat sea creatures raw lemon juice. However, such a useful product, there is a drawback – increased the mercury content, which should eat oysters on a daily basis.



A garden plant that is rarely used in cooking, it is very useful to raise power. With turnip aktiviziruyutsya production of sex hormones, the body is saturated with the necessary nutrients, improving overall health.

Recommended brewing the seeds of the plant or boil it and add as a garnish to roast meat.

To improve the potency you can resort to one of the 2 recipes:

  • Grate the same amount of cooked turnip and raw carrot. Mix and season with a teaspoon of honey. Take 70 grams per day;
  • The Root boiled in 500 ml of milk, chop and mix the resulting broth. Add 100 g of honey. The daily amount of 1 Cup. It is divided into 4 admission.

Since turnips is to give men suffering with:

  • Hepatitis;
  • Diseases of the central nervous system;
  • Inflammation of the intestine;
  • Cholecystitis.


The beans contain significant amounts of zinc, vegetable protein and fiber. Trace element is a necessary component of to begin testosterone production. The presence of protein and low in fat you can enter the beans in the menu, even men who are overweight.

Recommended to use such beans stewed or boiled. If necessary, you can substitute canned beans, that contains the necessary nutrients (you can read about it in the jars).


According to a study in Texas, testosterone is made from cholesterol. Therefore, men must consume products with high content.

Chicken and quail eggs are the best source of this substance, it is isolated in pure form. Accordingly, Breakfast 3-4 eggs provides the body with enough active synthesis of sex hormones amount of cholesterol. To improve the therapeutic effect of the scrambled eggs should be prepared with olive oil, flavored with onion.

Lean beef

Lean beef has a positive effect on the level of male sex hormones. Meat contains protein and zinc are key substances for the stabilization of testosterone levels, in addition to the use of the product provides the body with building material for muscle building.

Useful 2-3 times a week to cook beef steak on the grill. Beef is a powerful men's health, if it is broiled, baked or boiled.

Products, contributing to normal mental and emotional background

Violation of an erection is often associated with nervous stress, stress, depression, mental fatigue.

Before resorting to drugs that have a sedative effect, it should check the daily menu, which includes foods to increase potency, the ability to normalize the psycho-emotional background. Their regular consumption help to cope with psychological problems without medicines.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac, which has the ability to improve the mood and enhance the feeling of love. Consists of black tiles contain antioxidants, alkaloid theobromine and phenylethylamine compound that provides a positive effect on the human psyche.


On the healing effect of power and atmosphere need to eat 2-3 meals a day, an overabundance of product has a negative effect on health. It is important to choose chocolate containing at least 65% cocoa beans. Filler valid only for the nuts.

Treats should be abandoned in men with hypertension, diseases of the pancreas and liver.


The best known fruit-antidepressants — bananas. They include:

  • The alkaloid Harman – a substance that causes a feeling of euphoria;
  • Vitamin B6 is a component that improves mood;
  • Tryptophan is an amino acid that promotes the development of hormone happiness. In its pure form is used for the treatment of anxiety and depression syndromes;
  • Potassium – removes fatigue and stress, strengthens the heart muscle.

You need to eat fruit every day, especially the men, whose professional activity is associated with continuing physical or mental overload.


Oatmeal, which is a useful power due to the presence of zinc and L-arginine also has a positive effect on the mental state. A similar result is achieved due to the content of the cereal substances, promotes the synthesis of the hormone of happiness.

In addition, important properties of oatmeal – lower sugar concentration in the blood, more than that will negatively affect mood. Porridge Hercules should eat in the morning, pouring the boiling water a couple of handfuls of cereal. To enhance the taste, you can add a dish of fresh or dried fruit, honey, natural yoghurt.


Is the beans begins, which includes the useful power products. The healing properties of the grains are complex carbohydrates, which increase serotonin, and folic acid, the lack of which triggers depression and depression.

Lentils also provide the body with iron and regulates the level of glucose, which is important for Overall good health. Cooking lentils should be soaked in water for several hours, and then add it to the soup or cook porridge.

Oily fish

In recent studies it has been proven that reduces the emotional background, the deficit of omega-3 fatty acids. Without them deteriorate not only mood, but also mental activity.

A large number of nutrients contained in fish oil and fatty fish. It is enough to consume meals out of it 2-3 times a week, in order to ensure a consistently positive attitude required for good power.

Products, immediately increase the power

It so happens that it is necessary to increase the power as quickly as possible. The pharmaceutical market offers a number of medicines, which related to funds the ambulance.

However, not all men are willing to take synthetic pills. In this case, helps products immediately increase the power.


Onion effective speed and increase the power, because of the following features:

  • Increase blood flow to the genitals, which promote erection;
  • Increased sensitivity of nerve endings of the penis;
  • Promote the synthesis of testosterone.

The vehicle "ambulance" – scrambled eggs with plenty of onions. This dish need to eat right before intimacy, in advance take care of freshening the breath. To prepare you will need:

  • Chop 2 medium onions and fry on high heat until golden brown;
  • Break the pan 3 eggs and add the olive oil;
  • Add the sliced tomato;
  • Fry until cooked.

The camel's stomach

Natural alternative medicine to help in the short term to achieve a sustained erection without any extra load on the body. The only disadvantage of drinking camel's stomach – hard to get.

The first use of this product opened the Eastern nomadic peoples. Men who regularly eat this product lengthen his life and improve the sexual and reproductive ability. Through the stomach of the camel nomads often came to the fathers after the age of 50.

Instant power for half an hour before sexual intercourse, you need to eat a very small amount of dried stomach enough to swallow the piece, the weight of 3-5 g. it is Also possible to prepare an alcohol tincture of affect the sexual viability, and drink just before intimacy.


  • 100 g of dried product, pour 500 ml of vodka and good quality;
  • Insist 2 weeks in a dark and cool place.


Celery is responsible for the production of testosterone, and it applies to products that stimulate arousal. Meals with lots of vegetables an hour later gives a man a strong sexual desire. Increases erection, increases the duration of the sexual act, the orgasm is filled with new colors.

Other benefits of celery – a positive effect on fertility. Vegetable means products that increase the quantity and quality of semen. Regular consumption of that food to improve the function and vitality of the sperm, which contributes to the perception.

Properly balanced diet helps men to maintain a high level of power to a ripe old age and to fight the first signs of disorders of sexual function. In severe impotence without drugs can not do, but natural products, and in this case useful – thanks to them, the therapy process is accelerated.