Why hurt testicles in men, who have long excitation and after the excitation

The process of erection in men is associated not only with blood flow to the genitals, involving the brain, nervous system. Normal sexual intercourse of excitement ending in ejaculation, when semen from the testes. Still, blood quickly leaves the cavernous body, the excitement passes.

why balls hurt man

Young to eliminate the symptoms is easy, the body throw off excess pressure through the spontaneous discharge of semen from the penis way at night. Normalization works leads to the cessation of this situation, but sometimes the self-purification of the testes occurs. This leads to the fact that the balls hurt the man, after excitation, the symptoms occur in the groin, in the scrotum.

Lack of sexual release is one of the most important reasons. The mechanism of the phenomenon is quite simple: tension leads to the filling of the cavernous bodies of blood, artificial blood is removed from the body very slowly, which spread to promote the rapid movement of sperm through the channels. Summary of the process to explain why men's balls hurt after excitation.

The man leading a regular sex life, rarely experience symptoms when sick testicles after excitation. However, if the symptom is, you may receive the following diseases:

  • Education the reproductive organs (malignant, benign);
  • Infection in ways that produce seeds (bacterial, not bacterial);
  • Varicocele;
  • Torsion of the spermatic cord;
  • Injuries of the scrotum.

Examines the reasons why overexcitation balls hurt:

  1. Varicose veins of the penis leads to stagnation of blood. As a result tissues of the pelvis does not get the right amount of nutrients that accumulates in the sperm gradually die off.
  2. Torsion of the spermatic cord – another reason to be pathological in nature. Torque also delays the nutrients, causing the testicle starts to hurt. In this case, you should provide immediate help, otherwise the egg can atrophy.
  3. Trauma to the groin area. Strong injury leads to tissue inflammation, the accumulation of blood and fluid. The hematoma causes a painful sensation when touched, and determines whether the egg is indignant, you should immediately contact a specialist.
  4. The excitement of the long-term nature brings with it very serious problems. The brain signals the pituitary gland causes testosterone to enter the blood stream in large volume, the cavernous bodies get filled, and you can get an erection. The lack of normal work, the reluctance of the partner makes the excitation process is long and they get thicker. The walls of the vessels exert pressure on muscles and nerves, people will become physically painful. To facilitate the state only through the emission of semen.
  5. Abstinence is another cause pain in the testes. Mature men bodies constantly produce sperm, their accumulation leads to necrosis, degeneration of the sperm. The excitement may subside, but the high functionality of the testes is not quickly dissolve too much sperm. The shell bodies extends, because the root balls of abstinence.

By understanding why balls hurt men, when excited, it should be remembered that some patients have increased testosterone cause process cause. To relieve the symptoms, there should be regular sex life.

If the symptoms continue, then the doctor prescribes tests and treatment. The estimated state of the prostate, testicles. Palpation often causes worsening of symptoms, along with the collection of anamnesis and instrumental investigations, the diagnosis will be more accurate.

the cause of the pain aqiqa-hour

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Cause pain of any nature — aching, pulling, sharp on the right side in the inguinal region, and in particular the right testicle can be a variety of reasons. Most often, this occurs when damage to the scrotum.

Have a strong trauma or a blow causes swelling, swelling and discoloration of the skin. Symptoms after 2-3 weeks after injury.

If these symptoms are accompanied by high fever, severe pain on movement, nausea or vomiting, a medical emergency.

Care painful condition of the right testicle is suspected inguinal hernia, torsion of the seed ropes.

Pathology information will be recorded cramps in the groin, dragging pain in his right foot, uncomfortable condition during intimacy.

Tumor venous nodes is the one causing the pain

The left testicle of men is no different from the right, but there are diseases that affect the left testicle of men and deliver a lot of inconvenience, pain, drooping scrotum, discomfort when walking, sex. These symptoms will increase in their expression during physical exertion and sexual contact. This is a man's disease, testicular varicocele-varicose veins, the formation of tumors from the venous sites.

Most often, the disease occurs in adolescence, 14-15 years, but can sometimes occur in men in adulthood. Pathology arises from the left vein of the testicle, its located in an area of the testis and joins the left renal vein.

At least the pressure increase of venous pressure is the injury of the plexus of the testicle, and formed of venous nodes.

It gives men since then, not only painful condition, but and infertility, complete loss of reproductive functions.

Pain in one testicle is a reason to visit your doctor and check the condition of the organs in the groin area. Even small changes in the structure of the testicles can be a symptom of a serious pathological phenomena.

Testicular pain can be a very touchy subject for most men. Many people ignore it and hope that it goes away on its own. But often the problem is not removed and due to the fact that serious diseases. In some cases, even require immediate medical care.

Overheating can lead to hormonal disorders and changes in the composition of the sperm, causing infertility. The upper part is a channel that brings the sperm. The testes are themselves composed of shells, testicular artery, venous plexus, appendages.

Why hurt testicles — the main causes and how to treat

symptoms and causes

If balls hurt men, they often think that this happened as a result of hitting or pinching, sometimes not even know that a banal flu, SARS, in particular, complications can adversely affect the functioning of testicles. Pain in the testes and can cause hormonal disruptions, injuries, pathology of blood vessels, a huge list of diseases of the urinary and excretory systems.

Therefore, you need to know if pain in the testicle, which doctor to go. At the slightest pain in the scrotum should be examined by a competent urologist. Better check to resolve the issue: if sore testicles, that it can be, and will be treated like losing their virility as a result of complications.

There is a whole list of reasons, which can hurt the eggs. The pain is of different intensity occur in one testicle or both.

This group of reasons why you might get a bad egg men are mechanical trauma to the testicles and the penis effect and trauma that damages the nerve endings, which passes through the penis and the testicles.

Such injuries occur as a result of hypothermia, overheating, frequent Masturbation, Masturbation is happens a real egg, but can observe the discomfort and to the left, and the two sides.

If damage has occurred during highly active friction during sexual intercourse, improper use of sex toys, then the eggs, after sex sick.

Reasons, why hurt testicles in men, rooted in wearing tight underwear, chemical, or radioactive exposure, place of residence or work.

Sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of the reason why balls hurt man.

Vascular pathology of.

This group cause pain in the testes in men are numerous problems with the blood vessels. This blockage of the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the testes, with pain, torsion of the testicle, which leads to gangrene if not immediately get help, varicocele (varicose veins in the testes, the last stages leading to that sore testicles in men, and pull the scrotum).

This group of reasons why a man's balls hurt, are prostatitis, urethritis, stones in the urine, and other pathology, which gives pain to the testicles.

A strong trauma to the scrotum.

Often causes a sharp and aching pain in the testicles in men. When the mechanical force can break the integrity of the testicle. In this condition the man continued intense and unbearable pain, which he can panic and lose consciousness. If my husband's balls hurt, because of injury, what do my wife need to decide quickly. To consult a doctor immediately to prevent complications that can even lead to loss of the testicle.

Torsion of the spermatic cord.

Very dangerous the reason why balls hurt, require immediate visit to the urologist. Most often occurs during sleep. In this case, men with no visible damage, due to diseases of the reproductive system suddenly there is a sharp pain in the scrotum radiating to the leg. But sometimes torsion occurs during active movements during coitus, which is the answer to the question: why after sex sore testicles.

The disease becomes the cause of that hurt the testes, it is quickly lead to the development of tissue necrosis, as squeezed nerves and vessels through which the nourishment of eggs. Is found such a reason, what can hurt the egg, often in childhood, in men it can cause a lot of physical exertion.

Not always discomfort and pain in the testes in men is associated with pathological processes. Often this is due to simple physiology of men. If this happens, after the sexual arousal has been the release of sperm and explain why balls hurt after sleepy. It happens often during puberty, when young men are very sexually active, but also do not understand why balls hurt men do not know how to restore sexual tension.

But sometimes the question of why balls hurt after a long period of abstinence, treatment and adults. If a man is excited, his sexual organs swell due to increased blood flow. If for some reason he can't get sexual discharge, pain in the testicles appear. If there is such a problem that the sore testicles abstinence, the question of "what to do" has been demonstrated in a number of ways:

how to relieve the pain
  1. Sex. It is possible to solve the problem: what to do if you are injured balls excitement with sex, during which the extra voltage to the testicles is reduced and the pain disappears.
  2. Self-satisfaction. The second answer to the question: if abstinence balls hurt, what to do.
  3. Distraction from thinking about sex. If sore balls from abstinence, but that the doctor you deny sex, you need to wait a few hours, until the excitement itself does not disappear (usually pain does not last more than 4 hours).

But you should know that if balls hurt after Masturbation, this may be due to the opposite reason, that is, if a man often ejaculate in a short time. These pains are not life-threatening, they will be held for a few hours. But in this case, men should limit their sexual ardor.

Disruptive pain in the testicles in men causes has a number. It can be the result of a banal sexual abstinence or warn of the presence of serious pathology. In most cases, the unpleasant symptoms interfere with boys and adult men, but sometimes this feeling and appeal to children.

Factors that influence the onset of pain in the testicles, is divided into 5 main categories:

  1. Physiological. The pain occurs after long excitation. The unpleasant feeling does not require special treatment and resolve spontaneously in a few hours. If pain persists for 10 hours, the man needs to consult a urologist.
  2. Traumatic. A large number of receptors on the male genitals cause testicles hurt even a little pressure, shock or hypothermia.
  3. Epididymitis and orchitis. Inflammation of the perineum causes intense swelling and pain.
  4. Blood vessels. Different diseases of the blood vessels can hurt the eggs to the male. Among the main diseases are called atherosclerotic plaques, clots, varicocele, twisted veins, tissue death due to inadequate blood circulation.
  5. Disease of the reproductive system, the sexual irritation of the nerve at any level. This group includes urethritis, tumors, stones in the kidneys, injury to the ureter.

Each group of diseases is characterized by the specificity of the pain requires a man of timely and adequate actions.



To prevent pain and discomfort in the testes in men is possible if you can follow a number of rules to prevent, namely:

  • screened regularly;
  • active exercise;
  • eat right and lose weight;
  • do not smoke or abuse alcohol;
  • regular sexual intercourse;
  • protect against sexually transmitted diseases;
  • I don't use the tight, unpleasant linens and clothing;
  • quickly enhance SARS, influenza, mumps and prevent their complications.