Exercises power in men: a proven

The most significant effect on sexual power and its safety affects the lifestyle of men. And not the last place in this exercise. Exercises to help avoid many health problems, improve mental endurance, improve self-esteem, so you can be more alert, improve mood. Exercises for power will certainly need to include a plan of training for the prevention of, and in order to solve the problems of an intimate nature, if it already exists.


Physical exercises to increase the power of when should we think?

From time to time most of the men face a fiasco sex, it happens to all young men, and those who reached Mature age. One – off events - there is no reason to talk about it, impotence. Reasons for failure can be many: anxiety, stress, physical fatigue, General malaise, neonatal disease, poor environment. But if this unpleasant situation is repeated at least a quarter of the cases, it is time to change something in your life. Namely, his way.

Another alarming signal of excess weight. Most often men fat is the abdominal type. It is not fat under the skin and inside the abdominal cavity. The table pressure on the internal organs, move them, strangle blood circulation and the normal functioning of the liver, stomach, intestines, etc. This type of obesity is popularly called the "beer belly".

Fat cells produce estrogen which is a female hormone and its excess in a man's body enters a hormonal balance, testosterone level declines, and with it, decreased libido and potency. In addition, more than body mass to give a disproportionate burden on the heart, joints, blood vessels, lungs, provokes hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins, stroke, heart attack, arthritis and many other diseases, each of which can be combined with good power.

It's fun! Special attention to the exercises, which are designed to increase power need to pay the men who turned forty years abroad. The image in anonymous surveys, at this age, half of the respondents experiencing these or other problems related to sexual intercourse, thirty years such problems are understood by 27% of respondents and 21% is composed of a group of men from 21 to 30 years.

Looking at these figures, we can safely say that in the past the daily routine includes exercises power, less men likely to be in the same unpleasant situation, which hurts self-esteem.


What physical exercises to increase the power?

All exercises has a positive effect on potency, because:

  1. Increase male of testosterone – the male hormone, which is synthesized in the adrenal cortex and the testes. During muscle load and after the power load of the body actively produces and throws into the blood.
  2. Relieve tension from the muscles and the spine. The modern lifestyle is largely sedentary (well, standing, if it doesn't work machine, sales assistant, security guard etc.): at work, driving, at home, in front of the computer the person is almost static state for several hours in a row. The body this state of things is unnatural, the Muscles become rigid, wooden, the spine loses flexibility occurs when a pinched nerve, the deposited salt. Regular exercise to prevent such violations.
  3. The acceleration of lymph. If the blood is racing heart, lymph nodes of such a motor is missing. Its stagnation leads to swelling of the tissues, which interferes with good erections.
  4. To improve the psychological condition. The best thing to do when nervous the day – good work out. Exercise to "burn" the adrenaline and raise the level of serotonin, and its atmosphere.
  5. Increased blood circulation. Strenuous exercise causes the heart to work faster and the lungs to push more air, which Usually gives better blood circulation and oxygen to the penis.

Special exercises to increase potency

But in addition to the General workouts you need to do special exercises to increase potency. They primarily affect the lower body: legs, hips, buttocks, crotch, lower back. By increasing blood flow to the pelvis, these exercises promote the quality of erection.

The performance of any complex should begin with a warm-up. Head rotation, hands, hips, squatting, bending works out the joints, get the blood flowing and warm up your muscles. In just 5-7 minutes, these experiences will protect the men from injury, when you perform more difficult exercises.

Home exercises

  1. Squats. Feet shoulder width apart, legs, toes forward. Gradually sit down until your knees form a floor angle is 90°. The hips take a little back, as if a man sat in a chair. Then slowly you need to straighten up and at its highest point to compress the muscles of the buttocks and perineum.
  2. Yoga
  3. Half-bridge. Lie on your back with legs bent, with emphasis feet on the floor (additional settings – you can put them on the dais: the edge of the sofa, chair, stack of books). Not to take away from the support shoulder and the legs lift the hips as possible and lower.
  4. The breeding of the knees. Lie on your back, bend your legs and pull your heels as possible to the buttocks. Hands on his knees. Exhaling, the knees need to grow, but this time they interfere by exerting pressure in the opposite direction.
  5. Discord. Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body or to the sides, raise straight legs exhale and bring the toes towards the head without bending the knees. The hips off the floor. Always should try to do to continue forward in this mission.
  6. Gluteal touch. Standing on all fours, hands shoulder width, hands, fingers forward, the toes are extended, the lift touches the floor, exhale to initiate the movement of the hips back until your buttocks are flat feet.

You can start 5-7 times each exercise, gradually bringing up to 20-30 times for 4-5 sets. They need to run smoothly, without jerks, nice rhythm, it is not possible to pain. When the body adapts, you can gradually increase the weights.

Yoga: strengthening the power based on the ancient teachings of

There is a perception that yoga is a woman, and real men, no use for it. In fact, men need yoga even more. Regular performance of asanas can be used to study not only large, but small, deep muscles that are difficult to load in regular exercises.

In addition, the ancient teachings concerning only the physical body, but also increases energy, vitality, clarity of thinking, and relieve stress. Literally 10 minutes of practice a day and improve the power not have long to wait.

PC muscles: exercises for beginners

A special role in the long power reserved for the PC muscle - or vulva-coccygeal. Among women very popular to use a Pin code which allows you to keep the perineum toned, but few people know that there is a male version of the workout. Find a muscle is very simple, just put a finger space between the anus and the beginning of the growth of the scrotum.

Sitting in a chair have to squeeze the muscle Size, as if driving it inside. If it is done correctly, you should see the feeling that the pelvis is at the top. The thighs, stomach and buttocks should be relaxed and not to participate in the exercise.

Side plank

The voltage should vary from complete relaxation of the PC muscle. You can start with 10-15 exercises, each of which contains 3 seconds, the voltage-and 3 – relaxation. Then the number of exercises you can smoothly add. Use it daily, no more than 10 minutes.

Exercises that increase the potency lazy

If you don't have the will power to force yourself to do exercises, you will support complex, which you can do without getting out of bed. Do better in the morning, when the member is in "good" condition.

  1. Need to get him to sit down allows the muscles to work. During the week the number of "jumps" becomes every day more, but without fanaticism. Exercises do not cause pain, burning.
  2. When the number of running exercises will reach 30, you need to not only raise the penis but also to keep it in this position for 1-3 seconds.
  3. Once learned this technique and increase performance by 40-50 times you can add weight to, for example, the cover member of the cowards or a small towel and trying to do lifts hanging from the ceiling once.