Why, when excited stands out a transparent mucous men

The emergence of the secret, which is excreted from the human body, tell the norm and deviations. For example, if a runny nose or ear infection physical state liquid clearly indicate this disease. The sexual system of the person is arranged much more difficult. Share of men, the excitation may indicate a normal or, on the contrary, the signal development of the disease.

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Should be a choice for men during sexual arousal?

In men, the appearance of mucus in the urethra, in some cases, a natural and necessary process. If you experience an erection the prospects of open distribution of the amount of several drops. They are called pre-seminal fluid, such as physiological phenomena are completely normal.

The amount of mucus depends entirely on the characteristics of the male body, and it must satisfy certain properties so that it can be regarded as the norm. In particular, should be of excessive thickness, color, specific smell.

The appearance of the secret occurs in the following cases lead to an erection:

  • Masturbation;
  • Sexual affection for the partner;
  • Thoughts of intimacy.

The incidence of this phenomenon also depends on the characteristics of the reproductive system. Some men are forced to secretions from each type of plant, while others consider them very rarely.

From the point of view of medical experts, the presence of fluid during sexual arousal to promote the idea – he plays the role of an extra tube sperm process from the egg and to reduce the acidity of women's vagina that kills sperm. Accordingly, discharge from the genitals to take an active part in fertilization and is considered the major mechanism of men reproductive system.

Why is this happening?

The doctor has not fully established cause fluid to flow into the penis, however, it is proved that the anointed man of the excitation process contributes to the release of the head of the genitals the folds without injury. You need to carefully observe the intimate hygiene, allocated liquid – an excellent environment for bacteria to grow.

It is important to note, prolonged abstinence provokes a much more profuse discharge, and the composition of secretion becomes thicker and cloudy. You need to make sure that there was no change in color, appearing in streaks of blood, unpleasant smell. Some doctors believe that the occurrence of the liquid occurs because the body is preparing for intimacy with a woman.

Abnormal discharge can occur for various reasons:

  • Improper diet, especially the consumption of acidic, spicy, pickles;
  • Infections caused by pathogenic bacteria;
  • Sexually transmitted disease;
  • Complications after surgeries or injuries;
  • Oncologic pathology.
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Varieties of secretions

Several types of discharge are normal, as long as they are not involved in extra characters.

However, if confounding factors becomes a peculiar odor, itching, fever, tenderness in the groin or on the penis, it is cause for concern and treatment urologist.

Type the amount of money related to the norm

Completely normal and natural, is considered to be 3 kinds of produce and as a result secret.

  • Libidinal urethrorrhea. The secret to having the function of lubrication. It seems that the sheer liquid consistency, has no smell. Looks like small amounts, does not cause discomfort. In the composition a small amount of sperm, however, unprotected sex can cause pregnancy in the female partner;
  • Sigma. The secret of light, sometimes yellowish, often unpleasant odors. The choice of fluid is provided by the glands located under the foreskin. His appearance does not indicate pathology, but suggests that the man leave the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Cum. White liquid mucous consistency. Emissions occur from the urethra during orgasm. Contains a high percentage of sperm cells and secretions.

Discharge, contains mucus

Often symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. In cases where a secret has a high viscosity, but to maintain transparency, the probability of having the following diseases:

Also diseases confirmed the presence of high levels of leukocytes in the blood.

The mucous membranes of the separated milk light with purulent streaks with such diseases as:

In the presence of these diseases, the liquid may stand out and in a calm state, and then dries the head of the penis.

Share anti-inflammatory

Inflammatory diseases that change the composition of the secretions caused by:

  • Aureus;
  • Escherichia coli;
  • The Fungus Candida;
  • Streptococcus.

If the experience is not gonorrheal urethritis– inflammation of the urethra, excreted liquid is characterized by:

  • Stickiness;
  • The presence of mucus;
  • Purulent content.

Accompanied by pain, unpleasant sensations, itching.

Diseases of the foreskin, balanoposthitis, characterized by abundant discharge, which contains a lot of purulent content. There is redness, swelling, severe pain.

Prostate inflammation - mucus, mixed with pus. Other symptoms – pain, reduced erectile function, frequent urge to empty the bladder.

Definitions of candidiasis, it is enough to study photo, which shows her feature the secret. It has the consistency of cottage cheese, this form of athlete's foot is accompanied by redness of the glans with burning itching.


The norm or deviation?

A clear sign of pathology – the presence of mucus, pus, color changes, fish or sour smell, the occurrence of stickiness or turbidity.

  • The average density;
  • Transparency;
  • The lack of smell.

In addition to diseases on the quality of the secret influence:

  • Continuous abstinence;
  • Diet;
  • A weakened immune system;
  • Lifestyle and amount of stress.

Little changes in color and consistency it is important to analyze:

  • Sexuality, the presence or absence of random and unprotected relations;
  • Factors in the decrease in the protective functions of the body;
  • Possible changes to the usual menu;
  • The presence of other diseases.

Do I have to go to the doctor?

Immediate doctor's visit requires unusual for men eye-catching secret. Changes in the texture and color of the liquid is require a survey to identify factors that lead to such violations.

Diagnostic events include:

  • Semen;
  • A swab from the urethra channel;
  • Ultrasound examination of the genitourinary system;
  • Fence urine-General analysis;
  • The clinical study of blood.

Based on the results of the diagnosis is determined, treatment of the underlying disease, which caused the appearance of the pathological exudate. Ignoring the signs leads to a deterioration of health and the transition of the disease into a chronic, difficult to treat. A timely visit a urologist to help us cope with the disease and maintain health for a long time.

When the penis is in a state of excitement, the urethra, a small amount of liquid. This is a normal phenomenon, which is inherent in virtually all healthy men. With the development of the disease consistency and the amount of the lubricant change. There is an unpleasant smell, feeling of pain or burning during urination or erection. A similar clinical picture requires special attention, because there is a threat to health.


Discharge is the arousal in men are called predanost. He speaks about the opening of the urethra when the man is excited. Pre-seed is reserved for the bulbourethral glands and glands of Littre, which are located around the area of the duct, the external opening of the bladder neck.

Discharge is the arousal in men following functions:

  • to ensure the free passage of semen to the urethra;
  • destroy bacteria;
  • moisturizes and prevents the acidic environment of the urethra.

Pre-seed is also able to perform the role of lubrication during intercourse, but in most cases, the granted amount is not enough. Pre-ejaculate is one part of the semen. He had semen during ejaculation, is mixed with the seed, which allows you to protect sperm in the acidic environment of the vagina in women.

Healthy choice-men when excited

The amount of pre-ejaculate depends on the degree of excitation of man. The maximum concentration achieved strong sexual desire. The normal amount of liquid is 5 ml.

Some representatives of the stronger sex physiologically able to demonstrate fat. The lack of pre-seed during erection reduces the ability to think.

Healthy pre-ejaculate has the following features:

  • no odor;
  • transparency;
  • viscosity;
  • the lack of lumps or inclusions;
  • does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations.

Pre-seed performs a purifying function, for consistency, it can vary. People can observe the clouding of the lubricant repeated sexual intercourse, lack of hygiene or before ejaculation. He will come back to normal, in 1-2 days. By the way, you should suspect the development of the disease.

Abnormal discharge of mucus men different than the normal color, smell and consistency. They are almost always accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

Symptoms showing deviation from the lubricant standards:

  • the emergence of fluid from the urethra during the day;
  • the occurrence of an unpleasant odor;
  • pain when urinating;
  • the formation of too large quantities of mucus;
  • custom choice of lubricant without sexual arousal;
  • the presence of inclusions;
  • change the consistency too thick or runny.

These features are typical of the pathological processes that show that the development of diseases.

Unhealthy choice of men divided by type:

The amount of precipitated mucus may be abundant and small. Note scarce lubrication can be quite difficult. For this we need to put pressure on the urethra so that the liquid supply hole. He quickly dries to form a membrane of the sheath of the glans penis. Viscous consistency leads to the adhesion of fungi of the urethra.

Lubrication, differs from the norm, in most cases, because of sexually transmitted diseases, but there are a number of other conditions.

The appearance of the abnormal discharge, the presence of unpleasant symptoms should suspect the development of sexually transmitted diseases (Stds). Such diseases develop under the influence of unfavorable microflora, which settles in the mucus membranes of the urethra, the outer passages and cavities of the genital organs, the glands.

  • Inguinal granuloma;
  • chancroid;
  • syphilis;
  • limfogranulema;
  • chlamydia;
  • gonorrhea;
  • mycoplasmosis;
  • ureaplasmosis
  • HIV;
  • Herpes;
  • Warts;
  • Papilloma virus;
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Scabies;
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The prostate is a key role in the formation of sperm. It produces the secret, without which the semen to lose its functionality. Inflammation of the prostate its production growth.

Men, who suffer from chronic prostatitis, can be stated that the excitation of the opening of the urethra will come out a liberal amount of lubricant. It is the secret of the prostate, which is quite high similarity predanost.

Excessive secretion, when excited can appear in the development of the following States:

  • inflammation;
  • allergies;
  • hypothermia;
  • physical or chemical injury.

The emergence of transparent mucus from the urethra can be detected after probing. This liquid is formed on the protective reaction of the organism, resulting in micro trauma to the mucosal surface.

Copious amounts of clear secretions during ejaculation may indicate infertility.

For the diagnosis of diseases taken into account not only the visual nature of fluid, but its biological composition. The man needs to go to the doctor for examination.

Abnormal discharge sexually transmitted diseases

The proven medical fact is, that the man of the lubricant contains a small amount of sperm. There is a small chance to get pregnant to share in the pre-ejaculate during the unprotected sex.

The highest probability of conception in this case is mid-period, when a woman has been ovulating, and the cervix is open. In other situations, the concentration of male germ cell pre-seed is not enough. They die rapidly from the vagina to the outside of the nutrient medium for the sperm.

The probability of conception is much higher in the repeated sexual intercourse, when the fat contains a relatively large amount of sperm.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy is recommended, for a man to urinate to wash away the remnants of the seed.

Discharge from the urethra, which notice men during sexual arousal, is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is the nature of a moisturizing of the mucous membranes of the penis. However, it is important to pay attention to the color choices during erection. If they are open, it is considered an indicator of health. If changes in color and texture and appearance, while painful sensations have to say about pathological changes and inflammation.

The health of the genitourinary system can be assessed by their appearance choices. The original change their properties determine the degree of pathological processes in the body. All the signs of a man who is able to determine and time to seek medical help.