Share men's tension: it is the norm or pathology

Share men's arousal is a natural physiological reaction of the body. Normally, they are transparent and devoid of smell, quite thick and sticky. The amount of liquid depends on the characteristics of the reproductive system person, and can vary from a few drops to 4-5 mg. Partners are not planning a pregnancy, you need to know that the composition of the mucus is sperm active. Therefore, protection must be used even during the interruption of sexual intercourse.

lubrication in men during the excitement

What is considered normal

After a night's sleep or during arousal the head of the male penis stands out a little clear mucus. To do this lubricate contains a number of important tasks. So, it makes it easier to slide the penis when entering the vagina during sex. Another useful feature of this viscous liquid has the ability to neutralize the acidic environment is harmful to sperm. Using a range of lubrication, nature has taken care that the walls of the urethra men and the women retired to the remnants of the uric acid. And during intercourse, the mucus acts as a natural protection of the seeds in the aggressive environment of the vagina.

The composition of the transparent lubricant is also included in the smegma. The so-called fat-like substance that is secreted from the glands of the foreskin. Its main task is to provide a safe stepping of the glans penis from the folds of the foreskin during arousal. However, if time does not remove this useful mucus mixed with dead epithelium and changes of the environment of various pathogens. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex at any age should carefully follow hygienic procedures, daily change of underwear, use a condom during casual sex.

What else do men, so he remained very healthy liquid? For this you need to eat right, exclude from the diet of alcohol, fast food, fatty, salty, smoked food. You also need to exercise regularly to activate all metabolic processes and to consult a doctor when a change in color, odor or consistency of the lubricant. Every man should avoid unchastity, but also to ensure, that his life had been long periods of time sober.

After the concern

Changes in the properties of mucus, which is released when excited, we should warn the man and be a reason for referral to a specialist. Often it is due to the unusual discharge can be detected at an early stage of a dangerous disease, reproduction, reproductive, and excretory systems. You should contact your doctor immediately, if the liquid is not reserved at all, or abundant ejaculate to become greenish in color with a pungent smell of mold. Another negative factor is a deviation from the norm is born in a transparent mucus blood impurities and sediment in the form of cottage cheese discharge.

lubricant man

Why the separation of the excitation acquires a gray-green hue? So that the body can react to the development of inflammation in the pelvic area. To confirm this diagnosis can be the following accompanying symptoms:

  1. Increase in body temperature.
  2. Pain in the abdominal area.
  3. Swelling of the skin.
  4. Purulent fluid from the urethra without excitation.

Such a mucus secreted by the penis head also the appearance of complications during the recovery period after operations on the prostate, the urinary tract and reproductive organs.

Stringy clear discharge sometimes indicates contamination of infectious diseases: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli. And stand out they can men, not just in the moment of excitement, but also calm the body. Accompanying symptoms in this case are:

  • Itching of the genitals.
  • Redness of the penis.
  • Redness of the external genitalia.
  • Swelling of the extremities.

Similar pathological processes in the body men of excitation and a period of rest observed when infected with sexually transmitted diseases. How much the composition of the secretions deviated from the norm, you can figure out a diagnostic study of mucous secretions.

Immediate medical attention is needed men who, at the time of excitation is aligned with grease with white patches of cheesy character. This occurs candidiasis – fungal disease, causative agent, which is the milk of the fungus Candida. This organism is a normal part of the human microflora, but by reducing the immunity he begins to multiply, leaving the white cheesy plaque on the member and the fluid released during arousal.

The probability of conception

Many couples are interested in whether the process of conception during sexual intercourse, which is interrupted, that is, whether the mucus of sperm for successful fertilization? Experts do not rule out the possibility of pregnancy a clear fluid, which is secreted during arousal. It is exactly to calculate how many gametes come out of the fat, it is impossible. So, the more active sperm man semen, the greater the amount distributed to the fat.

What factors increase the likelihood of conception? First – day ovulation in women. If coitus interruptus occurs when the cervical canal, the uterus is opened, and the egg is matured and released from the follicle, even one sperm, which is released together with a transparent mucus, which is capable of fertilization. It should be clarified that this process is not the norm, and such cases are described very rarely.

lubricants for men

Another factor that increases the possibility of pregnancy, repeated sexual intercourse. So, the passage of the male urethra always remains a drop of sperm, and during the next intimacy they stand out along with the mucus. To reduce this possibility, people only need to empty the bladder between the sexual intercourse. The liquid is acidic urine neutralizes any remaining seeds, and next the choice of excitation are almost safe.

There is a possibility to get pregnant mucus, which is excreted from the urethra.

Remember that all types of abortions is very harmful to the female body. Therefore, if pregnancy is not included in your plans, take pills or use a different method of protection (condom, spiral, vaginal cap). And if the composition of mucus released from the excitation, far from the norm, that is, has an unusual consistency, smell, blood or cheese sprinklings, there is a high risk to infect the partner infectious or fungal diseases.

The choice, when the excitation is a natural process, which helps to keep the sperm active. Color, amount, odor and consistency of fluid can tell a lot about the health of men. The visual deviation from the norm can become an occasion to deal with the doctor to identify the disease at an early stage, when other symptoms are not yet manifested in full force. Therefore, all representatives of the stronger sex should only take care of the hygiene of the external genitalia, but the time to notice all the changes in the secreted fluid.

Question, why use a condom when you interrupt sexual intercourse, experts say, that the mucus is composed of sperm, and it can cause unplanned conception. To avoid this, care should be taken that protection, especially during the onset of the ovulation period.