Stimulants power men: natural and synthetic

A healthy sex life is very important, that the strong half of mankind. Unfortunately, the everyday bustle, poor nutrition, frequent stressful situations and their effect on virility, which is directly linked to the listed factors. Violation of potency can occur at any age. From such problems, no one is immune.

  • External factors that affect male potency
  • Internal factors that affect the potency of men
  • Stimulants power on the basis of vegetative components
  • Synthetic stimulants power
  • Stimulant potency

The slightest failure in the work of the male sexual organ often causes panic among people. They immediately began looking for a chance to get back the lost potential. This explains the wide spread of different stimulants of power. Some use them regularly, but most of them have only a vague idea.

External factors that affect male potency

The effect of the power of the whole set of factors. Among the external factors are:

  • The state of the environment. Unfavorable environmental conditions (dirty water and air, high background radiation) has a significant impact on physical health. Mind the size of the male body, including suffering an erection, deteriorating fertility.
  • Professional factor. Harmful working conditions, for example, a dusty room, or the presence of dangerous gases. Comply with security measures can also cause damage to men's health.
  • Lack of physical activity. If there is insufficient motor function is impaired outflow of blood from the pelvic organs. As a result of violation of trophism and functionality of sexual organs.
  • Trauma. When genital injuries, such as surgical procedures, the man may lose some functions because of a physical defect or a hormonal imbalance.
  • Stimulants power men
  • Food addiction. Proper nutrition is a key role in the quality of power. In addition, replenishment of energy resources, food gives the body fuel for the synthesis of sex hormones. The formation of androgen requires cholesterol, which is animal fat. Man should follow the adequate intake of fats in the body. At least 30% is fat for diet men body to continue the synthesis of steroid hormones. A shortage of cholesterol leads to exhaustion and reduced power. It is important to consume foods rich in zinc and phosphorus, because they are natural stimulants of power.
  • Stress. Chronic stress and depression negatively affect the efficacy. Is the condition of mental stress, the man loses interest in life, as a consequence, the problems in bed. Physical and mental fatigue and constant lack of sleep depletes the body's reserves, so he does not feel the desire sexual contact with a woman, extinguished libido, endurance, reduce the quality of the power.
  • Smoking, alcohol or drug abuse. All bad habits cause appreciable harm power.

Internal factors that affect the potency of men

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system, inflammatory or organic in nature. These are nonspecific inflammatory and infectious diseases that are transmitted sexually. Any inflammatory process disrupted the function body, in this case, suffers from the penis. Among the organic diseases can be distinguished from the congenital, genetic disease, cancer pathology, genitals and near. When the prostate cancer is a disturbed flow of semen and urine through the urethra. If the prostate gland is emptied and accumulated in secret, it is fraught with serious complications.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system. Violation of the right ratio of male and female sex hormones leads to a decrease in sexual activity. Hormonal imbalance interferes with the proper development of the male reproductive system. When endocrine pathology, such as diabetes affect the blood vessels and disrupt blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Glycosylation of nerve fibers leads to a reduction in the sensitivity of the penis.
  • Psychosomatic disease. Heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases are accompanied by violation of blood circulation, which causes the violation of potency. One of the symptoms of arteriosclerosis obliterans of the aorta is impotence. Paralysis and paresis of various etiologies may deteriorate power, even to impotence.
Stimulants power on the basis of vegetative components

Stimulants power on the basis of vegetative components

The most popular pharmaceutical stimulant potency has acquired dietary supplements. Most often it is homeopathic or herbal product is a natural based on. These pharmaceutical remedies quite successfully cope with the problems of power, however, it is recommended to use them only after consulting a doctor. An expert will help you choose the right product among the wide range of.

It should be noted that the action of the main mass dietary Supplements are intended only for short-term increase in performance, but eliminate the root cause of poor erection they can not. Such stimulants the power to improve the quality of sex, significantly increase the feelings of men. They can be safely used for a long time, because they are not addictive.

Effect stimulants of natural origin, based on the blood flow to the penis, which determines the power. On the shelves of pharmacies you can find medications that must be taken courses, and there are those that are used directly before the sexual intimacy.

Synthetic stimulants power

When such stimulants prior to sexual intimacy, and the achieved effect lasts for some time. Experiments proved that people not accustomed to these drugs, but without the sexual arousal the desired effect can not be achieved.

Due to the fact that synthetic stimulants, has a number of contraindications, these should be used only on the instructions of your healthcare practitioner. It is not recommended to take Viagra men with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Side effects of the medication can occur in the form of headache or lumbar pain, dizziness, nausea.

Stimulant potency


You can stimulate potency are well-suited to certain foods. Useful substances contained in them, has a positive effect on erectile function. Such products are called aphrodisiacs. Since ancient times, people successfully use gifts of nature to enhance sexual energy. Excellent stimulant potency are the following products:

  • Nuts. Contains numerous important minerals and vitamins. All kinds of nuts are considered natural aphrodisiacs. The most effective almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Even more benefits they offer along with the honey.
  • Seafood. Has a high content of zinc element, which is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. Virility is not forget the oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels.
  • Meat. Meat gives the body protein is required to strengthen an erection. It is not recommended to eat fatty meats. Useful for beef and Turkey.
  • Vegetable food. Some fruits and vegetables can have a positive impact on potency and libido. The recognized leaders of the men in power are celery, parsley, cilantro, onion, figs, garlic.