How to increase potency in men after 60 years – means and methods

Libido, the opportunity to experience arousal/orgasm and the brightness depends on the hormonal background. When imbalances of sexual activity is dulled. Potency in men 60 years, is always lower than in his youth, and the reason is the age. The older the person, the "weaker", he is in bed.

Causes age impotence

Causes age impotence

Of childbearing age in the body, men develop a "subsidiary" of the hormone inhibin B, Its mission is to promote the growth of sperm. It works together with stimulating (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) hormones. In the development of the inhibin decreases and after menopause can and can not go.

To compensate for the elevated levels of the hormones FSH and LH. As a result, the background of the men changing. Their youth, their blood is dominated by dihydrotestosterone – the most active testosterone in terms of the willingness and ability of procreation. Age-related decline in the synthesis of inhibin In shifts the focus of reducing the production of testosterone. And to become more "active" form, he began more slowly, respectively, of a power lose.

Increased potency in men after 60 years

Predicting the performance of measures to promote libido in men over 60 years is not possible. Effects of the impulse depends on the severity of age-related changes in hormone levels, the cardiovascular system and other "features" biological age is not the "passport".

But in most cases, the predicted increase male potency favorable. In any case, if we talk about patients more than 60 years without "aggravating" diagnoses – the prostatitis, adenoma and the intervention of the genitals, childhood developmental disorders (cryptorchidism, hydrocele), atherosclerosis of the above 2 stages.


Increased potency in men after 60 years is, firstly, to increase the levels of active testosterone (most doctors). However, after cessation of hormone therapy disappear and achieve them with the help of results. Plus, the extra sex hormones in the blood of men menopausal age is full of heart attack, stroke or cancer to produce one of the endocrine glands (prostate, testes, adrenal).

Among the steroid way to increase the efficacy of the most famous is the testosterone enanthate. It comes, for solution for intramuscular injection, is used to 50 mg every 14 days. Possible, and the system is 200 mg per month, but it is often used by men to 60 years. Among other things, affordable and easily available solutions:

  • antispasmodics. The only caveat is necessary, in order to inject the tissue of the penis half an hour before sexual intercourse. The point is that it relaxes to provide the member with blood vessels and stimulate erection;
  • blockers – one of the most famous and all-natural. This alkaloid also causes relaxation of peripheral vessels. To drink 2-2,5 milligrams three times a day, with food;
  • drugs for depression. They recommended to eat 30 mg once a day, an hour or three before sex. The ability to artificially raise free serotonin levels and prolong arousal with an erection (0.15 grams per day, but 2 hours, most of which is consumed prior to sleep, and only 1/3 is in the morning).

Compared to pharmacy, herbal remedies have fewer side effects, better to combine with alcoholic beverages, without which no cost, not a romantic encounter. Their list:

  • natural remedy drops aphrodisiacs and stimulants of potency, opened a the healers of different countries. In their composition appear popular in the middle East, fucus, fruit Africa Ginkgo biloba, Maca, and Chinese ginseng. Can be combined with alcohol. Medicine drip 7-8 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, to drink any drinks discretion. Overall increase in power lasts for several weeks or months;
  • tableted preparation on the basis of it. It contains extracts of Damiana, wheat germ, coconut Poria, dwarf lilies and sassaparila. Tablets should be 1 or 2 capsules daily, after meals, for 30 days. One time I got a double dose of the help to increase power after only 15 to 20 minutes;
  • funds for the capsules to increase potency very diverse composition. Among the non-plant parts that contain deer antlers, propolis and resin of the cedar. Herbal drugs to increase potency are presented lovage, nettle, Orchis, Zhgun-radix (fruit), guarana, mulieres qui emendo anavar, red root. Men over 60 years old, the system recommended reception 1 capsule morning and evening for 5-7 days in a row. Then it is better to take a break for a week and repeat.

Folk remedies

The differences in the use of developed by the pharmaceutical dietary Supplements and methods of alternative medicine lies the exact choice of those or other components. In this case, science has borrowed a number of notes of the traditional healers. Only doctors, unlike doctors, are more likely to rely on the so-called adaptogens.

Folk remedies of plant, animal and mineral origin increases the overall vitality and immune defense. Official medicine believes that the impact of such funds is too unpredictable, but it's time to trust them.

Folk remedies
  1. Of Echinacea purpurea. 50 g of the roots mixed with 20 g of seeds Echinops and 60 g of arudein. All pounded together with a pestle, or grind in a blender, pour 1 tbsp the resulting framework 250 ml of vodka. Cover the glass stopper and leave for a couple weeks in a dark, warm corner, shaking from time to time. At the end of the infusion tool to filter and drink: 10 drops, diluted in water, half an hour before meal for 25-30 days.
  2. Parsnip, dandelion and nettle also help to improve efficacy. To prepare the drug in 50 g of parsnip root is well washed and ground, mixed with taken 100 g of young nettle leaves and dandelion. This "salad" you can fill with vegetable oil vinegar and salt in moderation. To eat it would be a 250-300 g a day, any number of receptions, for up to 2 weeks. After that, when it is desirable to make a potty break.
  3. Spurge. The root is chopped, separated 10 g, and insist for a week 0, 5 liters of vodka. The raw material is passed through a strainer and use, in order to enhance the attraction of a teaspoon (pre-dissolving in water) in the morning, afternoon and evening. Throughout the course of 14 days.

Other methods and tips

The reception of natural, synthetic, hormone, as well as other ways to increase power is always an option. Physical therapy do not lose relevance and effectiveness of the 20 or 60 years old, and there are no contraindications, with the exception of acute conditions, when urgent help is needed. Body age men respond to physical therapy even more easily than young people, positive changes are noticeable brighter.

  1. Exercise. The activity is useful at any age, but the elderly, when the body processes slow down, the effect is felt better. The most useful physical exercises for the normalization of erectile function are: squat (if only, at least to the knees), the technique is Kegel, jumping rope, rhythmic rotation of the hips.
  2. Massage. Suitable for classical (back, testes, penis) and exotic options (Thai, thuin, etc.). Years of age, when stagnant phenomena in the pelvis develops because of aging joints and muscles, massage, is worth a visit at least once a week. This gives us the opportunity to improve health, increase desire to have sex, and also to restore the body's pelvis.
  3. Hirudotherapy. The saliva of leeches of all types, including medical, contains hirudin – anticoagulant enzyme slightly weaker than heparin. Treatment they receive blood thinner, helps to restore erection and prevent heart complications during sex. Self-treatment with leeches is difficult and bad – this should be done only with the participation of girudoterapevt.

After 60 years all men the typical symptoms of prostatitis. Can they be noticeable more or less, but they are always. This disease is dangerous the complications of the urinary tract. In addition, it reduces libido and affects hormonal balance.

Increased power after age 60 may require the execution of every morning following manipulation:

  • sit up straight with your feet on the floor walls of the room, put your hands behind your head (complex – you can cross the chest) and creeping only work the buttocks and legs to the opposite wall. Repeat two or more times (depending on distance);
  • when urinating try to stop the flow of urine, the tension of the pelvic muscles. Repeat 2-3 times per bowel movements (and so at least once a day for two to three months).

You can also purchase and apply for up to three days a week with a special massager to do prostate massage.


Age-related changes in the "work" of the penis can not be stop and stop – only to control them to minimize the impact on privacy. Men, who want to preserve youth reproductive-system old enough to worry about his health in adolescence:

  • to avoid the infection is full of sexual relations;
  • in practice, "sex-marathons", which have several partners or just one, but all night without a break;
  • do not over-cool the genitals:
  • not isolate them beyond measure (leading to infertility);
  • to protect the area of the scrotum injury, including the lifting of excessive weights.

It is possible to fully restore erection in 60 years?

After the menopause for both sexes the possibilities in bed are narrowed permanently. But it is not always a bad thing. Sexual intercourse gives more stress on the heart and blood vessels. Since 50 years their aging to achieve escape velocity, and 60 gender "youth" can lead to a heart attack/stroke. Described tips will help you regain a normal sex life (2-4 intercourse per month), it is more than enough at this age. Completely (100%) to restore power doesn't work.