25 recognized of the complexes on the basis of vitamins to enhance the power of men

Let us examine the names of the vitamins to improve the potency of men at any age. Let's start with a definition. Vitamins are group of organic compounds that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body in humans or animals.

They protect the body and maintain its vital functions. Many vitamins into the body food. Some of them are synthesized in the tissues and organs of the small numbers, others do not develop at all, so supply is necessary to regularly supplement.

vitamin power

What classes are they divided?


Is divided into synthetic and extracted.

  1. Synthetic vitamins are drugs obtained by synthesis of chemical substances (synthesis is the process of combining simple substances into a single unit).
  2. Extracted from the are a group of substances derived from plants. They contain a variety of food additives and dietary Supplements.

Physical properties

Physical properties are divided into the following categories:

  1. Fat soluble. Most of them can accumulate in the subcutaneous fat layer of the body or the liver.
  2. Water-soluble. These are not accumulated in the body.

Most useful men's vitamins, help increase the capacity of the bed and lit the fuse

1. Zinc

  • Zinc – an essential component necessary for the synthesis of testosteroneand elevated levels of the male sex hormone is characterized by excellent erection. Zn is involved in spermatogenesis, that is, the maturation of the germ cells of the male seed.
  • Most zinc include cooked fish, wheat bran, oysters, meat, nuts and lentils.
  • Daily dose of zinc for men is 15 mg (milligrams).

2. Selenium

  • Selenium helps produce the testosterone needed for a full erection. Trace element acts as a prophylactic against cancer of the prostate. Selenium is important to maintain a healthy testosterone level.
  • A large amount of selenium contained in the pistachio nuts and walnuts, beans, corn and peas.
  • The daily dose of selenium gentleman is 0.07 mg.

3. Retinol

  • Another name for retinol is vitamin a Is. As a natural antioxidant, it promotes the elimination of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, testicles and prostate. This vitamins to increase potency in men and toning the body in General stimulates the production of sex male hormones.
  • A large number of retinol include milk products products, eggs, meat, fish and seafood.
  • The norm day is considered a dose of retinol, the number was 34 mg.

vitamin d

4. Vitamin D

  • This element of group D stimulates the hormone, testosterone, which is necessary to a full erection. Regular intake of slow down the aging process. This group of substances D activates the production of serotonin, which normalizes the sexual attraction and to stabilize the prostate.
  • Increased the number of group D include fish, oil, fat, seafood, oily fish (mackerel or salmon), liver of cod.
  • Daily amount of this element is 0.015 mg.

5. B-vitamins

  • They stimulate the production of male hormones, which leads to increased libido. How to increase libido we used to say that the second work. Vitamins to increase sexual desire, eliminate stagnant processes in the genital organs. This group is also required to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the heart.
  • Substances in this group include whole grains, meat, eggs, potatoes and green vegetables.
  • The daily amount depends on the category of the item. For example, B1 in the needed amount of 1.5 mg. Group B13 need amount is 1500 mg.

Name and vitamins potency in men and improved libido reviews will be discussed later. Consider the complex products later in the article, which has some useful components of different minerals at the same time.

6. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C

  • This acid works as an antioxidant by stimulating the sex hormones. It strengthens blood vessels, increase their elasticity and flexibility, which is necessary for the morning erection. Supplementation of ascorbic acid contributes to the acceleration of blood circulation in the blood vessels.
  • Foods rich in ascorbic acid include fresh orange juice, pineapple, lemon, cranberry and pickled cabbage.
  • The daily dose of this substance is about 60-100 mg.

7. Vitamin E or tocopherol

  • Tocopherol can help boost testosterone needed to display masculinity and sexual desire. A sufficient amount of tocopherol increases libido, normalizes metabolism and improves erection.
  • Most of all tocopherol in sunflower oil, beans, nuts, wheat bran and spinach.
  • The norm of the day a cavalier is the dose of tocopherol amount of 18 mg.

folic acid

8. Folic Acid (B9)

  • This acid, which also refers to the useful substances group B9, is necessary as a preventative against sexual dysfunction. It increases sexual activity, promotes blood flow to the area of small pelvis, supports the ability to achieve an erection.
  • Folic acid contain a large amount of fresh lettuce and parsley, kidney beans, lentils, asparagus and citrus fruits.
  • The daily requirement of folic acid for men – 4.0 mg.

During exercise and stress vitamins for men this list also helps to recuperate faster, and lost endurance.

9. Magnesium

  • When a sufficient amount of magnesium in the male body problems with erection does not occur. Magnesium stimulates the flow of blood to the organs of the pelvis, which helps to maintain longer lasting erection.
  • Magnesium contained in sea cabbage, beans, peas, pine nuts and barley grain.
  • The daily requirement of magnesium for men – about 400 mg.

10. Potassium

  • Potassium in the male body the necessary quality of ejaculation. He is involved in the production of androgens (male sex hormones), important to strengthen the libido. It also helps the kidneys and heart. Stimulating medicines, also wrote another publication.
  • Use food with potassium, diet cavalier should be seafood, prunes, dried apricots, nuts and lentils.
  • Intake of potassium per day for men must be at least 5 mg.

The interaction of vitamins with each other and in combination with other drugs

Some of the elements of one group are incompatible with another. But there are opposite examples.

  1. Taking laxatives drugs violated the processes of absorption of fat-soluble vitamins erection and good proximity, including the vital vitamins.
  2. Vitamins of the group, with the exception of B6 and B12, are more easily absorbed by the body if it is taken with calcium.
  3. At the same time, the consumption of vitamin B1 is useless, if consumed together, copper and iron.
  4. Vitamin B2 is not friendly with vitamin B3, zinc, copper or iron, that is, their simultaneous consumption is not desirable.
  5. The results of the interaction of vitamin complexes the drugs most often negative. Sleeping drugs and sedatives inhibit the action of vitamins of group B.
  6. After vitamins not drink at the same time any medicationor have interfered with the absorption of both. You need to wait at least three to four hours, and only then can we begin to take other medications.

What is the best time to take vitamins?

Multivitamins are recommended at least twice a year.

In some cases, the recommended technique:

  • During the course of the disease. The optimal start is in the off-season, when the start of the epidemic diseases, such as influenza, SARS and colds. Proper technique when doing a hard recovery after an illness.
  • After 40. Vitamin supplements be sure to take the mr has more than 40 years of age, when the slow down the metabolic processes in the body and reduce sexual activity.
  • If you have problems in bed. Nutrients power, it is appropriate to adopt in the event that problems with erection, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, problems with conceiving a child. In another article of the site previously documented good tips to help you a long time to finish.

Consider also the answer to the question, what is necessary to consume vitamins sex, masculine power and potency the following video.

power recipes

Recipes for food and drinks power

Healthy male body medication must be accompanied by a balanced diet. Suggested dishes prepared by the couple. Boiled and steamed food does not lose its beneficial properties. Vegetables, fruits and nuts it is recommended to take a raw and unprocessed form.

List recipes men's health are the following:

Popular drinks and juices men's intimate health

  1. A mixture of nuts and dried fruits. For cooking you will need dried apricots, prunes, and shelled walnuts. Mix products in equal quantities and cranked coffee grinder. Add a Cup of fresh honey. Tool to take a daily tablespoon.
  2. Ginger broth. Need to buy some dry ginger, which must be ground into a powder. Powder pour boiling water in the amount of half a liter and boil it for 40 minutes. Drink cool, then taste, add a spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Ginger decoction you should drink instead of tea daily.
  3. A decoction of milk and carrots. One glass of milk mixed with a couple of tablespoons of grated carrots. The mixture boil for 10 minutes, then cool and take 100 grams of at least three times a day.
  4. Salad potatoes and fish. Need for the salad 500 grams of boiled fish, five peeled potatoes boil, three boiled carrots. Chilled cut into cubes and season with vegetable oil.
  5. Fish couple. 700 grams of lean fish pieces cook for a couple. In a few minutes, add two chopped onions and parsley. Cook in slow heat for 15 minutes. Garnish boil two beets two potatoes. Before serving the fish, sprinkle with lemon juice.
  6. Boiled chicken eggs. Boiled eggs, prepare a light salad. You need chopped eggs and green onions, then mix them together. This salad seasoned with olive oil.
  7. ABC veal. The sliced veal is fried in olive oil, then add sliced carrots and onions. Then you add the tomato paste, pickles and onions.
    • Celery juice.
    • Parsley juice.
    • The juice of a lemon and an orange.
    • The beet drink.
    • Tomato and carrot juices.
    • Aloe Vera juice
    • The pomegranate juice.
    • Grapes.
  8. products weaken the power

    What barriers and prevent the erection and virility?

    Some products contain components which suppress male strength and libido, so it is necessary in bed. Their intake can also disrupt the hormonal balance in the body.

    Such harmful foods and drinks are:

    • beer;
    • fast food;
    • baking;
    • meat;
    • sweets;
    • fatty meat;
    • fat cheese;
    • pay;
    • canned fish;
    • caviar;
    • shrimp;
    • sugar;
    • caffeine;
    • yeast;
    • margarine.

    Insights nutrition

    Some drinks with caffeine prevent absorption vitamins for men power and mineral power. Such drinks should be ruled out. The habit of eating fatty foods causes stagnation of blood in the veins, which leads to erectile dysfunction. From the menu, you should reduce the intake of salt and soy products. Too much salt reduces the production of testosterone. Soy contains phytoestrogens (analogues of female hormones), which suppress the masculine.