What is power and how to support it?

Sex is one of the most important parts of relations between a man and a woman. And absolutely every representative of the stronger sex to know what power and what is its role in the sexual life. Power is an important factor in men's capabilities in bed with a woman, she it affects not only the men of action, but its reproductive ability, it is possible to get a child.

What is the power

What is the power?

Understand what is power, a man should know the components of this term. They are the degree of excitement and add a penis, speed of emergence of the in erection, duration of sexual intercourse and its quality. Power — this is a purely masculine concept of sexual Constitution, which describes the normal physiological sexual manifestations of the man.

To date, a precise quantitative measurement of the norm of male power does not exist. There are no borders and frames, what should be the penis during sexual arousal, how long should last sexual intercourse, what was your number on the copulative friction. The average medical accept sexual intercourse, which lasts 2.5 minutes and increases the friction during sexual intercourse can be 50-60.

All the indicators above the norm are considered normal, because of the individuality of the organism and the temperament of the men, but if the data is considerably less than these figures, we can talk about sexual disorders. One thing experts can say for sure that the idea is good, if a man has a strong desire and attraction to the opposite sex, filled with strong erections, help people to achieve ejaculation and orgasm.

An important factor that can change the parameters of the power — this is the age of men. The peak of sexual activity and high-quality power at the age of 20-30 years.

The most important causes of its deterioration

State power and erection can affect the negative external and internal factors, like environment and ecology, nutrition and lifestyle, habits, psychogenic factors, diseases of the genitourinary system and systemic diseases. Doctors say that the good power stacks with the normal functioning of all systems and organs. Usually the reason low power can be physiological and psychological.

Psychogenic factors, power reduction — often reduced potency against the background of these causes seen in young men. The depletion of the nervous system, lack of proper rest, complexes, stress and anxiety, all of this leads to a decrease in sexual activity. Psychological causes of low power can be the following:

  • excessive mental and physical stress;
  • insomnia or sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  • uncertainty and complexes in men;
  • failures in the sexual sphere, the first bad experience;
  • dissatisfaction with the partner;
  • fatigue;
  • often nervousness and stress;
  • fear;
  • depression;
  • also general malaise of the body;
  • conflict in relationships and at work.

Low self-esteem, unfavorable climate in a relationship with a woman, neuroses, complexes, all this leads to impotence. But psychogenic impotence can be corrected with the help of experts, with the exception of all the causes of its deterioration.

Physiological factors, reducing the efficacy — these disorders of the sexual sphere are more often seen in elderly men after 40 years. First, it reduces the synthesis of sex hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual activity, and second, at older ages may be problems with the cardiovascular system and neurological diseases, which also lead to decreased efficacy. Therefore, the physiological reasons for the decline of potency are:

  • spinal cord injury and spine;
  • inflammatory processes in the urogenital system;
  • injuries in the groin and hips;
  • heart disease, for example hypertension, stroke or heart attack, atherosclerosis, etc.;
  • too much cholesterol in the blood;
  • endocrine pathology and an imbalance of hormones;
  • excess weight and obesity;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • systemic diseases, such as diabetes;
  • diseases of the nervous system, for example. epilepsy, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's syndrome, etc.;
  • infections that are sexually transmitted.
Traditional medicine

Also in the genital area can reflect in a negative way to the wrong way of life, men, low mobility, bad habits, poor nutrition, excessive fatty foods, lack of vitamins and other valuable resources, and irregular sexual life.

Ways to improve power

Before you resort to the use of a variety of drugs, remedies and therapeutic techniques to increase potency, a man needs to follow several preventive measures. First of all, you need to give up bad habits, tobacco, alcohol, drugs. Secondly, you need to balance your diet by eliminating "bad" foods. Third, men need to have an active lifestyle, tested in the clinic diseases and infections.

Folk remedies

If there is a little less power, in addition, the exclusion of annoying factors, men need to engage in non-traditional home care.

Traditional medicine offers number of effective recipes, improve sexual function, namely:

  • A liter of cold water needs to be diluted in a glass of washed peas, let steep overnight. Strained infusion to drink a few techniques during the day.
  • Ginseng root is 3-4 cm in size need to chop, mix 3.5 liters of vodka, then let it brew for a day. After this tincture taken 2-3 times a day 50-60 ml. To make the tool you need 5 months of the cumulative effect.
  • Take a bottle of quality port wine, add 100 grams of fennel fruit, after which the mixture should infuse in the refrigerator for about 3 weeks. Strained infusion taken before going to bed half Cup.
  • Take honey and propolis are combined with the same proportion, and then every morning on an empty stomach take a tablespoon.
  • Two cups of water to dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda, then the medium drink several reception days.
  • A three-liter jar need to chop about a kilo of garlic, fill with boiled water. Infuse the mixture should be about a month, and then take a daily teaspoon.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of the crushed petals of a walnut, how many inflorescences tops, Basil and 8 tablespoons of horseradish. Of the mixture brew a liter of hot red wine, all wrapped with a cloth, let it brew. Strained infusion take 100 ml before each meal.

Traditional medicine is a conservative method, that provides extensive positive effects on the entire body of men. It is important to adhere to the design and duration of treatment, folk remedies, as they are mildly affected, suggesting a cumulative effect. Suspension treatment, it is possible to completely invalidate all the results.


To use medications to treat problems with potency only after examination in the clinic and doctor appointments. Helps to restore power to a urologist or andrologist, the appointment of agents to answer the cause of reduced potency. Today's tablets and capsules potency, preparations, locally, injection of the internal administration of stimulants erection fast action, as well as herbal products and dietary Supplements.


Preparations in the form of capsules and tablets easier tolerated by the body, guarantee high efficiency, but only if regular use according to the instructions.

Hormonal creams require careful treatment, according to the labelling instructions, as an overdose can write a man side effects and adverse reactions.

Stimulants erection fast action, which includes components such as sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil or udenafil. None of these medicines provide only a temporary effect, also implies a strict contraindications and side effects.


Power is a complex system, sexual function of men, which is responsible for the speed of onset of erection, quality and long such a condition of the penis, duration of intercourse, to what extent sexual attraction to men, his ability to get offspring. Not to lower the power, you need to know all the negative factors affecting. Otherwise you have to rely on national and medical ways to restore power.