Drug to increase potency in men do not cause side effects

In this article we will discuss the most safe drug to increase potency in men without any side effects.

Initially, let us consider the main types.

What are the different drugs and their units

Pills to increase potency in men

- Inhibit PDE 5

Inhibitors of PDE type 5 (PDE - means "phosphodiesterase"). Products of this type is aimed at strengthen blood flow to the sexual organ. This type is not recommended for use with fatty foods, otherwise the desired result is achieved. PDE-5 is activated in the sexual abilities. Is fast effect on the body. Significantly prolongs intimate activity. Improves the flow of blood to the dignity of a Knight, due to which the erection stronger and last longer. Began to affect the already hours of time. Just take 1 tablet with liquid.

Contraindicated for those who have problems with blood pressure (hypotension and hypertension), a serious disease of the heart - vascular system, diseases of the kidneys in the later stages, of course, stroke and heart attack. When you overdose , you may experience dizziness, nausea, sudden jumps in pressure, swelling of the nose and throat, temporary loss of vision.

Drugs that activate NO-synthase

The group has fewer side effects, unlike PDE-5, increases the pressure of the people and do not affect the heart. Their essence is to relax the muscles of the person, which improves blood flow to the dignity of a gentleman and his hardness.

  • Alpha-blockers. To reduce the occurrence of spasms of the arteries and blood vessels, and also to improve them, leaving the intimate area, the tool Chevalier is much easier to get to elevated mode.
  • Testosterone. Appoint a doctor who is deficiency of testosterone in men and lowered his level after the delivery of analyzes on hormones.
  • Dietary supplements. This group of words "dietary supplements", there are no secondary adverse effects taking. Positive impact on the combat readiness of the authorities. This is usually a natural drug to increase potency in men is herbal.
  • Prostaglandin E-synthase ("prostaglandins" - like substances in hormone, prostate). Use is not the most secure method is injection, and therefore is not really recommended for use.
  • Natural parts. The composition of such products may include such components as deer antler velvet extract, ginseng leaf extract, Damiana and other adaptogens that normalize the body after stress and strengthen it, often in difficult circumstances.
Powder power

As you know, more and more abundant filled with blood and intimate body, harder and stronger erections. Therefore, the longer it stays, when its durability and high fighting mode.

Why problems arise sleep the stronger sex

  • no constant sexual partner, a long absence of relations and abstinence;
  • sedentary work, unwillingness to exercise;
  • running weight, the presence of a beer belly lower testosterone;
  • problems with the circulatory system and blood circulation;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • crisis in family relations, the cold;
  • stress and chronic depression in daily life, insomnia;
  • the presence of back injuries or lower back;
  • disease or infection of the reproductive system (prostate and others).

To raise and increase the potency of men drugs require compliance with the operating instructions. Let us examine them in detail.

Powder power

  • The effect of the powder out the first day of admission. Used for impotence, weak libido, premature a seed of eruption, infertility. Normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic and manhood, which rises to its durability. To release people and give him confidence, increases his stamina.
  • Contains L - arginine, which is responsible for testosterone production and insulin, which also restore health and the functioning of the reproductive system. And, taken together yohimbe to improve libido in women. Can be used as a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Take the drug in the solution of warm water minutes 40 before the close, 1 teaspoon three times a day. To prevent a month every day.
  • The advantages are that it is made with the natural on the basis, normalizes sleep. No negative effects, and contraindications.

Medicine man power

  • Do botanical aphrodisiacs. Useful restoration and stimulation of sexual activity of the stronger sex opportunities in bed. Makes close contact with a bright, emotional, awaken the libido. Suitable for men of all ages.
  • One of the most powerful substances in the composition is considered a root of ginger, which directly affects the health of the reproductive system, strengthens the erection and physical capabilities.
  • Take one tablet once a day. Can be taken twice, if men's health particularly running. Therapeutic interest rates – up to 1.5 months. After a break of 14 days, you can repeat the treatment.
  • Can be taken at any age. Due to the fact that it is made from natural components, does not cause allergies and addiction.


  • Supplement is recommended during erectile dysfunction, age-related decline in libido, as well as those members for which the seed is produced in small quantities. Restore an erection, making sexual intercourse more vivid, to prevent misfires.
  • Consists of natural ingredients. The active substance is extract of ginseng, to enhance the metabolism. Another active ingredient is the "gingko biloba". His goal – the stabilization of the blood circulation in the pelvic and groin area in General.
  • Soft long lasting result, it is recommended to take the capsule twice a day. The desired changes will occur 6 weeks after admission. Use food, with water.
  • Depending on the package can cost anywhere from 2600 up to 10,500 rubles.

The effectiveness of treatment in males drugs, you must always remember, that you can't exceed the dosage to more than normal during the reception. Increase intimacy also use penis pumps, rings for erectile.

Vacuum pump

They are designed to expand vitality, and martial status the male organ.

They are divided into 2 types , depending on the vacuum:

  1. Vacuum, done with the help of water.
  2. Vacuum with air.

The core of the pump, that wearing it has a penis, it creates around its area, pressure and vacuum, which intensifies the rush of blood with dignity.

Ring erection

These are rings of rubber, metal or other material.


  • They operate a tourniquet, tightly clasping her intimate body, thereby preventing the outflow of blood.
  • This helps to maintain the fighting fitness of the body and to avoid the finish.

Because these tires wear out:

  1. either on the basis of human dignity;
  2. or bottom and the clock;
  3. or just balls.

Contraindications to the use of more than half an hour, otherwise you can only harm, not help.

Cock rings

What groups of drugs for a dangerous combination

Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 can not be used together with nitrates.

What does it mean health

These 2 groups taking leads to a strong expansion of blood vessels → then there is a sharp decrease in blood pressure → one of which is very life threatening and can lead to this death.

Roughly speaking, such a dangerous mix of blood flow to the brain down, because there is a huge ship, you will immediately lose consciousness, and eventually can end very badly. So we dismantled the most important medicines. What not to miss?

Use the popular techniques of great opportunities for bed

  1. In the morning squeeze the PC muscle at the moment when the penis in the morning begging for a fight, that is in good condition. Let this morning habit, have erection and to increase the daily load. It is not necessary, especially when you move the main work is done internal to the PC-muscle. The method makes it faster to swell the weapon at the right time.
  2. The most important role. It is important to be on top or in a vertical position, but not the back. For those who have problems fighting the body, lying down behind the outflow of human value goes to maximum power, the faster you can lose stiffness. Keep this in mind.
  3. Devices to delay the end to help prolong the pleasure. It does not allow too fast of breathing during intercourse, avoid the slightest stress in the body, and also touch the body with the woman is minimal (it does not cross the line excitation). Save seeds, save a lot of energy and opportunities to repeat a new session with a partner. Especially with age, you need to avoid the fluid end.
  4. Massage watches useful good the secretion of the testosterone in the body, the appearance of energy. As you can realize the benefits of massage on the basis of human dignity, as well as between the balls, and find their own stimulating points. And cases, which will stop during intercourse, massage, is the place to be.
  5. Circumference at the base. Fixed girth at the base of the body does not lose his erection, for example, when you are wearing a contraceptive or break. This is the lost hardness.

It does not hurt to introduce into your diet

What is useful to eat power men:

  1. Seafood: shrimp, anchovies, crab, crab.
  2. Fish , the sea: salmon, salmon, flounder, salmon, trout.
  3. Fruits: orange, lemon, avocado, peach, banana, mango, pomegranate.
  4. Vegetables: cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, beets, garlic.
  5. Dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir.
  6. Seeds: pumpkin, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower.
  7. Tea: Yerba mate, sea buckthorn, ginger, green.
  8. Eggs: chicken (not raw) or quail.
  9. Berries: strawberry, strawberry. It is also a product of the potency in men.
  10. Other products: olive, bee, beans, almond paste, celery and other greens.

Perform the following exercises for the prevention and treatment

  • Boat. Lie on your stomach, face to the floor. And at the same time began to stretch his arms forward and legs backward, back, lifting them slightly upward. Hold for a few seconds and released. And as a few repetitions.
  • Walking the five point. Sat on the floor, legs forward, and start walking on the buttocks forward and backward. Instead of the usual block you rely entirely on the buttocks, that's all.
  • Buttocks, and press a must-download. If they are well trained - it says that you can do in bed. It is the muscles of more capacity in the bed. Buttocks exercise normal sit-UPS every day. And press, for example, swinging this way: leaning back against the floor and fixing the outstretched leg, raising and lowering alternately the case.
  • Turn-of-eight pelvis. This can be done at different levels, not only in the same horizontal. Discover new eight different angles, remember these movements. They are useful during the actual intercourse, because in many ways business is the same.
  • Wheel. This is done, for example, in the morning when I woke up, lying on the back, began circulating an invisible pedal speed bike. Rotate the legs to a convenient frequency.
  • Run as often as possible! Running just perfectly, gets the blood flowing and the hips, in the groin. The next day, after a good run in the morning to notice a change in yourself.