The G-spot for males to achieve maximum satisfaction

Perhaps no man who had not heard about the female g-spot Is the place on the body, can give a real bliss. What can we say, that the representatives of the stronger sex? The G – spot in males, also lead to an unforgettable orgasm. That during intercourse the woman should not be forgotten. The G – spot in men, the existence of which must be taken into account every good hostess. This erogenous zone is the innermost place on the body, gentle touches, which leads to a complete delight.

the g-spot in men

The G-spot in men body pleasure

So, read more. Where the G-spot in men is and what it is? In fact, it is the prostate. That is, the G – spot in men, located below the bladder between the testicles and anus. Afraid of these anatomical details are not necessary. All the shyness and stiffness is smoothed, because the partner will get pleasure from.

The right stimulation

Information about where the G-spot in men is not enough. We need to be able to properly promote. For example, oral sex is best when your partner on top, back to his face. This position frees your hands. Therefore, the promised place to get very easily. That moment when orgasm is near, the G-spot should begin to press rhythmically. The main rhythm is lost, so the second single click. Orgasm is much brighter than ever.

Sky-high feeling

In short, the G - spot in men by stimulating that you can achieve excellent results. The more your partner is getting an amazing feeling, in that case, if a woman offered him a bold experiment. For example, you can try to convince the man to come into the anus hole special sex toy. Like anal beads. Inside them to be necessary for full sexual intercourse. The stimulation must be constant. More strong, it comes from within. At the beginning of orgasm balls need to be taken off, not breaking the rhythm of the movements of the partner. The man is in seventh heaven of happiness. And women receive a well-deserved title of the most gorgeous mistress.

Myth or reality?

About where the G-spot in men is, for the first time, said the German gynecologist. About sixty years ago they had the body of each person is a nervous bundle, the stimulation, which leads to the bright orgasm.

the myth and the reality

Find the erogenous zones, where they engaged in many. However, recently in London they are doing serious research. To do this, scientists collected 900 pairs of twins. Naturally, the set of genes of twins should be the same. That is, the G-spot or both should be present or absent. But doctors comply with to find. So far, such research has become the most "scientific" in this area.


But most people are totally convinced that when all is hidden G-spot in men. How to find it and how to promote, sexologists say. And after all is very simple.

An important role in orgasm and arousal in men have been prostate. Because of its location, it will save the erection.

And there is orgasm, as you know, two consecutive phases – emission and ejaculation. During the emission of the liquid, which forms seeds, the view of the so-called mixer – prostatic urethra. Preparing for the "shot". To facilitate this task, the prostate and other organs from the fluid to multiple cuts. That is, the work is a powerful nozzle. At the same time into the combustion chamber through a channel, which removes the seeds, moving fresh sperm. Prostate shrink severe cramping at this stage for two to three seconds. At this stage people get pleasure from. This moment is called the moment of ejaculation inevitability.

In the second stage of orgasm is to squeeze the muscle of the sphincter. Waste way to seed the bladder is cut off. A series of muscle contractions to keep the seed until the very end.

The male G-spot have a lot in common with women. They develop from the same embryonic tissue. Both produce ejaculate. Promote the prostate can external and internal means. Internal stimulation a woman needs to gently enter into the anus lubricated finger and pushed towards the pubis. Partner feel a roundish hard lump at the size of a chestnut or walnut. Need to put pressure on him.


The external stimulation must push the pad of the thumb crotch. Whether the effect is of course a personal matter. Some get pleasure only in the excited state. Some even feel practically nothing. And some say that prostate stimulation helps to maintain an erection.

By the way, ancient Chinese manuscripts describe a similar technique is especially designed to slow down ejaculation. The difference between one – man do it yourself. He put pressure on the perineum before ejaculation index and middle fingers for three seconds. Presumably, such a procedure is permitted to delay ejaculation, but not orgasm.

In a word, in order to know, where is the male G-spot, it is very important for every woman. In this case, it can give the partner an unforgettable pleasure.