Nuts potency in men

There is hardly a person who doesn't know what nuts power, men are hardly a panacea. Many representatives of the stronger sex say that after eating a buttery kernels they improve the erection occurs sexual arousal. Is it true? What's nuts is, to strengthen erectile function and to show their best side during intimacy?


The effect of nuts on power

To understand what nuts are good for men power, you should understand what they are and how effect on the body. The composition of the fruit of all nut trees are about the same:

  1. The protein represented essential amino acids cleavage to synthesize serotonin (the happiness chatter) and testosterone (androgens). These factors regulate the erection, ejaculation and sensation of orgasm. Adequate intake of tryptophan, glutamic acid, alanine, arginine, cystine cellular and synaptic processes are much faster. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue.
  2. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic -, palmitic -, stearic -, are metabolized by steroid hormones, resulting in the entire group of testosterone.
  3. Growth hormone from the androgen in the blood has a beneficial effect on virility.
  4. Trace elements taken from the gastrointestinal tract are absorbed into the intestinal wall and is actively involved in metabolic processes. Zinc, selenium, sulfur helps to release testosterone. Iron is essential for red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. Magnesium, calcium and potassium, necessary for normal functioning of the heart muscle, and the stable operation of the heart – the key to a healthy and prolonged erection sexual intercourse.
  5. The vitamin complexes that stimulate the potency, increase stamina, enhance arousal and sensuality.

Nuts to normalize the entire body, increase stress, helps to cope with depression strengthen the body's defenses, improve the activity of the brain.

Interesting! Men, who ask, what nuts are best for power should know that 75 grams of fruit eaten per day, to improve the qualitative indicators of the semen.

Walnuts erectile men

They are called Royal, because of the composition of nuclei present in the whole complex of vital elements needed to maintain a man's health and protection against various ailments. It is clinically proven that walnuts power is essential. Fruit:

  • to normalize sperm;
  • to improve the mobility and viability of sperm;
  • let the blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • to promote the surge of testosterone due to the presence of arginine in the composition.

To maintain the body in good shape enough to use 5-10 walnut halves per day.

Brazil nuts efficacy

Store large amounts of selenium and arginine. Is considered to be particularly useful for male potency. Nuts affect the potency, experts have long studied the. The seeds of the tree bertholet:

  • increase libido;
  • to prevent the development of oncological diseases affecting the genitourinary system, and prostate;
  • to reduce the risk of developing diseases that affect the reproductive system.

Consumption of nuts rich in selenium, to stabilize the sperm, to enhance the mobility and structure of sperm, which solves the problem of infertility. Improve fertility to help the daily use of 2-3 nuts in raw form.

Pine nuts impotence-

Pine nuts power is the best choice, because they contain a lot of vitamin E (tocopherol) – powerful antioxidant, prevents the aging of cells. Tocopherol makes the veins and arteries strong and elastic, preventing the formation of fatty deposits on the walls of the blood vessels, in other words, to prevent the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Decide which nuts are the most useful to men of power, be aware that pine nuts promote a strong and stable erection by affecting the body holistic:

  • normalizes the central nervous system;
  • restore after physical and psycho-emotional stress;
  • to improve metabolism;
  • to ensure blood supply to organs and tissues.

Prevention of male diseases and improve the reproductive system is enough to eat up to 10 cores per day. The nuts are perfectly combined with meat dishes, salads, desserts, seafood.

Pistachio nuts power

If a man at the age 35-50 years old does not know what nuts are best for potency in men, it is recommended to stick to fruit of the pistachio tree. It is enough to have them at 100 grams a day, fill the body:

  • folic acid;
  • Vitamin B;
  • magnesium, phosphorus, copper;
  • fiber;
  • fatty acids;
  • amino acids such as arginine.

Almond impotence

The fruit of the almond tree is considered to be one of the most expensive products because they contain calcium and tocopherol sufficient to replenish the daily intake required by the body. It is a natural sexual stimulant. In order to experience the desired result of his actions enough to eat 30 grams of almonds a week. Kernel:

  • make a stand for strong erections;
  • increase endurance;
  • to reduce the feeling of hunger;
  • accelerate cell metabolism;
  • give courage and energy after physical exertion.

Almonds are the best nuts for power and to strengthen the skeletal system. The core is especially necessary for those men who work in physically or professionally engaged in sports. They should be included in the menu the elderly to avoid premature destruction of the bone due to lack of calcium.

Hazelnut power-

Help solve problems related not only to efficacy, but to improve the health of the whole body:

  • cleanse the blood vessels of fatty plaques;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • stimulates the prostate gland;
  • increases blood flow and oxygen to the genitals.

Men are not leading a very good lifestyle, very few go in for sports and fond of fast food, the question of what the nuts are useful for power, get an answer – hazelnut. A total of 50 grams of these cores to normalize the condition, prevent development of serious diseases and offers a good erection.

Cashew erection

A handful of tender and tasty fruits, which are used daily, not only increase fertility, but:

  • get rid of zinc deficiency in the body;
  • normalizes the sperm;
  • to stabilize the synthesis of androgens;
  • strengthens the erection;
  • aggravates sexual desire;
  • to reduce the risk of developing cancer;
  • relieve signs of fatigue.

Kernel cashew nuts, and walnuts affect the potency in a very positive way. They stimulate sexual desire, increase virility and endurance.

Peanuts power

Nut is famous for its ability to quickly restore power lost during exercise. Nuts goes well with other nuts, dairy products, cereals, desserts, salads. Its composition discovered lipoic acid, normalizes the functioning of the male reproductive system. Raw, fried, boiled nuts:

  • to cope with erectile dysfunction of various origins;
  • struggling with diseases of the prostate, including BPH;
  • in the complex treatment helps to overcome infertility.

Pecans erection

The kernel of these nuts found in the steroids of plant origin, which will help to eliminate the severe symptoms of BPH. The positive qualities associated with pecans:

  • the presence of large amounts of Beta-sitosterolum;
  • the high content of antioxidants.

Beta-sitosterol along with tocopherol destroys the cancer cells. These nuts contain all the vitamins necessary for the preservation of men's health and prevention of diseases of the prostate.

Nutmeg power

If a man is faced with problems of intimacy and difficulties with conception, it helps to nutmeg. Power is the best tool that everyone can afford. It contains starch, pectin, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, helps to strengthen the erection.

It is a natural aphrodisiac, but how to take nutmeg potency knows every man. Simply add fish, meat, soups, fruit drinks, fruit drinks. Thick spicy taste to excite the sexual appetite, and vitamins in the formulation has a positive effect on the status of all organs and systems, protecting them from heart, nerve and vascular diseases.

Traditional recipes nuts power

To enhance fertility and improve sexual function help nuts potency in men, the recipes of which are the following:

  1. Honey and walnuts power. The recipe, which can increase libido and testosterone levels. Core peel and grind in a coffee grinder. Pour bee honey, mix and put in the fridge. Take a large spoon daily empty stomach for a month. The medicine had the greatest impact, it is advisable to refrain from bad habits and lead an active lifestyle.
  2. Honey and nuts power. Recipe of peanuts. 100 grams of peanuts cleaned and sanded. Core to add a big spoon of honey and mix. Take a small spoon every day before bedtime during the month.
  3. Sour cream and nuts power. So this "drug" you can use any kernel nuts. It is sufficient to chop, mix with sour cream or yogurt and take 2 large scoops daily.
  4. Tincture of partitions. Walnuts potency in men can also be used in the form of partitions that you want to insist on alcohol or vodka. 50 grams of the partition you pour a glass of vodka, the capacity of a stopper and placed in a dark place for two weeks. Then tincture take 10-15 drops of the filtered view of the entire month.

Contraindications to the use of nuts

Nuts erection and in struggle against erectile dysfunction useful, as proven by science. But not always, this herbal product can be used by men. Use the core to consider the dosage, due to the excessive absorption of nuts leads to weight gain. And pLody walnut wood has some contraindications:

  • obesity;
  • individual intolerance;
  • Allergy symptoms;
  • urinary stone disease.

Even the most useful and seemingly harmless recipe, for example, nuts and Medak power, which reviews are only positive, Hyper-sensitivity can cause a severe allergic reaction, until angioedema and anaphylaxis. The oily core is saturated fats and contain large amounts of calories. So if you have problems with excess weight their use should be avoided.